Monzo reply to this

I woke up today in the morning and my account got blocked …tried to call them email but no response and the worse thing is that a transfer of 1000 pounds was made on it and should arrive by friday…can someone help me please…also what is going to happen with the transfer? Is it gonna go back to where it came from as it did not appear to the balance

Monzo won’t reply.

If your account is locked by Monzo then that’s a legal requirement and you’ll just have to wait.

If you have emailed then you’ve done all you can do.

unfortunately no one here can help you.

You can only deal with this by sending an email to or trying to call them.

if your account has been blocked for possible fraud or other legal reasons you will just have to wait the process out and fully co-operate with their questions.

I’m sure it’s frustrating but that’s all you can do

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In the mean time you can have a read of the below to help understand why and what the process is

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