Monzo referals

Having been with Monzo Bank for several months.
I would like to share just how good this bank is
Compared to other high street banks.
I was a customer at Barclays for years and typical high street banks embraced local closures in the small towns a villages across the UK.
And this being the reason I opened my account in the first place due to a local branch in my village.
Everything changes and I get that, but when your village had 5 bank branches close down within months and a post office that I can’t get to due to my job (shifts).
Then I embraced the idea of online banking only.
I was doing it anyway with the main Street banks.
I had tried a few other online banks, before opening my Monzo Account.
No fees if you miss a payment or make a late payment.
Gives great advise on savings and paying bills.
Great app on (Android) although before last update could be a bit temperamental.
But other than that no problems.
Used Monzo chat a couple of time to get things resolved and that experience was positive.
Being delt with efficiency.
Ok this bank does not have branches bit do we really need them? I don’t think so.
You round up your change on purchases and this mounts up pretty quickly.
No fees on missed payments ect.
Could not lose the basic bank card if you tried
Strange colour, but it works.
Overall I feel this bank suites my needs and does everything I need it to do.
And now I see ads for main Street banks playing catchup with the same ideas Monzo are currently using.
Overall experience is 10/10
Keep up the good work Monzo


I could not agree more.
Fantastic customer service
Great oversight and control of all my money and spending.
Keep up the great work.


Why did you need to use chat?

For personal reasons why would you ask?
All you need to know is it was delt with.

I thought this topic was going to be asking for Monzo Refer a Friend incentives to come back :smiley:


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