Mighty Monzo

I have been a member since 2016, and I don’t really have much to say other than Monzo is quite simply the best bank on the market and I cannot sing its praises enough!!
The service I have received has been second to none. Through the app and through its staff.



I thought new posters were being vetted?

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New members, not posters if I remember correctly and who is to say that this wasn’t approved before we saw it :wink:

Probably not the best topic to be asking or discussing this though :laughing:

Well, if legit, it’s nice to hear a positive Monzo customer experience as we don’t hear of many these days.

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It is, but I think this constantly rising number on their homepage speaks volumes :innocent:


Daily sign ups seem to be creeping up again


I know it will never happen, but I think it would be interesting if all banks showed active users as opposed to open accounts (with them all using the same definition of active user).

Monzo would still be leading the U.K. fintechs for sure, and maybe overtaking some smaller banks and building societies can’t be out of the realms of possibility. But like I said, will never happen!

Well I certainly apologise for any confusion caused.

I thought this was an open member forum, and I just wanted to leave a pleasant review of my main bank and its staff.
I have used this bank since it first began operating. I have never had to use this forum because any problems I encountered was promptly rectified by chatting to the team.

My post was moderated pre-post. As this will be too I’m sure.


Do new posters get edited now then?

Their first post needs to be approved if I remember correctly.

It was announced a while back when it was identified that people were creating duplicate accounts to push their agendas.

Well apart from some customer service delays what’s not to like about Monzo! :ok_hand:

I’m not sure if there is a definitive list, but plenty of people have plenty of gripes.

To be clear I’ve no current ‘gripes’ with Monzo. It’s been my main bank since November last year and I’ve had very few problems. I’ll stay as long as they’ll have me. My only concern is that if I had an issue which was urgent,how long would it take for me to get a response ? Having said that I’ve not contacted support for a long while so can’t speak first hand. I reiterate what I’ve said before; Monzo cuts the crap out of banking and long may that continue. :+1::+1::+1:

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Me neither. Those bits of banking Monzo aren’t good at I use other banks for. For me, that’s interest and cashback, foreign transfers, and depositing cheques.

Apart from the (very) occasional acceptance issue, it works fine as a spending account for me :+1:


All hail the Mighty Monzo. I too am a big fan and have had very very few issues.

Worth noting that, as with every other product/service/thing wot can be reviewed, it’s the people with gripes who always make the most noise, the bulk of the users who are happy, or at least content, with Monzo won’t sign up here and say so, why should they, Monzo is working well enough for them.


It is indeed an open member forum and it’s great to hear a positive review about Monzo.

Never a more correct statement !
Well said. :+1:

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Welcome to the community @Arucaria :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Glad to hear you’re enjoying Monzo!

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I’m glad people are still positive about Monzo. I love the app, however sadly I’ve been burned by the long wait times with customer support and more recently, two of direct debits suddenly became some sub-post office. Fixed by a specialist but no explanation as to how or why it happened. So I want to feel positive about Monzo and I used to be a massive fan but now I’m somewhat more cautious.

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