Monzo Monthly Update: June

(Beatrice Borbon) #1

In light of The Big List we’ll keep sharing Monthly Updates so you can track our progress on those features, plus anything and everything else we’ve been working on too.

Here’s yours for June! :smile:



(Rob Crawford) #3

Are there any plans to improve custom pay dates or bring back overall targets this month? These two things make the new summary feature more or less broken for a lot of us!

(Eve) #4

That’s an ambitious and really impressive list- looking forward to all the upcoming features!


Coin Jar?

(Marcel Ruhf) #6

Travel Reports for Android are in today’s beta release:

Edit’ YESSS! Finally more details for DDs and SOs - looks very good.


and Mums…let’s not be sexist now :wink:

(Marcel Ruhf) #8

Yeah - auto-correct at its best.

(Nathan) #9

Very android orientated month then :cry: sad to not see the coin jar tidy up included

(Marcel Ruhf) #10

Well, one of their items on the “Big List” is app parity, so I’m not surprised at all.

(Henry G) #11

Love it!

(Nathan) #12

Not saying there shoudnt be parity, of course there should be!

Just as an ios user it makes for a boring month updates wise

(Peter Shillito) #13

Helping you add money to Pots automatically

It might be too variable to work, but it would be cool if all money greater than my monthly salary left before my salary gets paid in gets moved to a pot. i.e. on 25th June I have £250 in my main balance. At 1:59am on 26th June, that £250 gets moved to the pot (bringing my main balance to zero), then at 2:00am my salary comes in. This is what I plan to do manually, but automating it would be cool.


Salaries are generally 1am :wink:

But yeah, hopefully we can support that sort of movement :soon:

It’s nice to be able to keep it ‘clean’

(Peter Shillito) #15

I knew it was some low number in the AM >_<

(Nick) #16

Now you know how us Android users feel most of the time, then :wink: