Monzo proving themselves again!

So recently i had my purse stolen, which included my Halifax bank card and my Monzo card.
I had not realised that this was the case until i got up in the morning and my phone was buzzing with notifications. My Monzo card was being used!
I quickly froze my card in the app. I had a moment of dread where i thought “am i covered for theft with Monzo”, and almost didn’t contact them, but i am glad i did.
Within 10 minutes of my message going through Live Chat, i had my money back in my account and a new card on it’s way.
I would like to compare this to my Halifax card. I was on hold to get through to them for 20 minutes before i even spoke to someone. I then spent 15 minutes going through security and explaining my situations. The card was frozen, but then to get the money back, i had to get transferred to another team that meant another 10 minutes on hold, then more security questions. All in all it took around 40 minutes for Halifax to do what Monzo had done in 10 minutes.

I am so happy to be part of the Monzo experience and glad i have stuck with you since 2016 :smiley:


And you were only alerted so quickly due to Monzo’s notifications. If you’d just been with Halifax, it could’ve been another few hours before you’d known.

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I noticed the other day that Halifax have added a freeze card option if you log into your online banking (didn’t check on the app). It’s a bit hidden away if you ask me but wouldn’t have saved you the wait anyway on their phones

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Yeah, I was just going to say: at least on android you can report your card stolen in the app, or through online banking. No need to call them.

Can confirm this is the case on iOS too.

It’s also possible to call them from the app, removing the need for security questions when you get through, which could save some time/anxiety in a bad moment.

Haven’t seen a ‘freeze card’ option though.

Coming back to Monzo - I had an unrecognised notification while I was out yesterday. Froze my card and reported it via chat, and the support team were on it like a flash. Few simple questions, money returned, and new card on the way. No idea how the crooks got my details, but it felt good to know that Monzo had my back.


Wanted to come back to this as I had a very frustrating experience calling Halifax after my credit card got blocked when trying to buy something online (nothing dodgy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

I used the option to call from within the app thinking that would reduce the number of security questions and speed the call up (because they’ll “know it’s me”). Boy was I wrong! I was passed to three different people, waiting in a queue and having to give details and explain my situation each time. By the time I got through to the third person, I was starting to lose patience, and when I was about to be asked questions relating to my custom with other financial institutions for security purposes, I’d had enough.

Very disappointed that this functionality in their app isn’t even close to delivering.