📖 How Monzo Helped a User Recover a Stolen Bag + a Bonus Bottle of JD

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I thought I’d share this as it’s a great story.

A user shares how Monzo’s transaction notifications helped them find their stolen bag & what set Monzo’s customer support from Amex & Halifax’s when dealing with the thief’s fraudulent transactions -

Payment Protection/Security
(Tom ) #2

Great read.

I didn’t realise that unauthorised transactions are refunded this way - especially when there is a freeze function that can be used. Who is liable for these amounts? Monzo? Shouldn’t it be the person who neglected to freeze their card?

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There’s more detail & conditions in the T’s & C’s but generally

You may not be liable for any use of the card, card number, PIN or mobile application by another person who does not have your permission to use it

providing you

without undue delay, pause the card within your Monzo mobile application.

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This is awesome to read, I’m not sure I’d have had the guts to go and confront them after that. Yay for instant transaction notifications!


Holy crap, that reads more like an adventure novel than real life.

I love it.


Great read and an awesome outcome. However, and I may be alone here, who keeps bank cards in their bag? It saved the day here as he managed to get a spot on location and get in an uber before getting the next location from Find my iPhone.

Glad to hear Monzo got the problem sorted very swiftly, and it proves they are the mustards in this situation.

I still can’t work out why they took off with the cards at the end, knowing they would either already be cancelled or very soon be.

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I thought that too, it’s always at the back of my phone or in my wallet. I’m glad he got them back though, I don’t know what I would have done in that situation!

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It’s also against Monzo’s T’s & C’s :eyes:

If your card is lost or stolen or someone else finds out the PIN or if you think your card, card number or PIN may be misused, you must;

without undue delay, pause the card within your Monzo mobile application.

but I guess this was an exceptional circumstance :raised_hands:


I would also like to know what happened to the JD…

(Tom ) #11

Also - it’s worth noting that if you did freeze your card, you should still get declined notifications wherever payments are attempted?

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Would love to see those fellas get caught on camera too - highly doubt they covered their smug faces whilst buying it in Tesco’s.

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I’ve just seen a similar story on Twitter :joy:


compare that reaction to how someone would usually feel after they found out that someone had stolen their card, usually days afterwards..

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