Monzo Plus – you asked us to make it simpler, so we’ve created bundles

Which is completely wrong(against basic behavioural economics)

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Doesn’t that show the strength of feeling though and how spectacularly wrong they’ve judged this? If people who don’t usually use the forum are logging in to voice their dissatisfaction, then it isn’t just the “tiny minority” who use the forum regularly who are upset.

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I rather suspect that the reason Bundles work while Customised Bolt-Ons don’t is because while Monzo may be able to arrange for the combination of A, B, C to be cheap, that arrangement doesn’t stand up when it’s A, B, X; A, Y, C; Z, B, C - or any other combination thereof.

I’m also reminded of the once hugely popular Humble Bundle software packs, where the majority of developers providing software were probably counting on people: (a) paying the default amount, (b) leaving the default split; and therefore probably hated people like me who would assess the bundle, figure out how much I was comfortable paying, and then carefully moving all the sliders to make sure the money went to where I wanted it to go - which also meant moving plenty of sliders to zero for the items I either couldn’t use (no OS version), didn’t want (am old enough to know what game genres I never want to play), or already own (I’ve already given them money, but they can’t see that).

Replace ‘Humble Bundle’ with ‘Monzo’ and the games with the bolt-on features, and it’s easier to see why - from a commercial perspective, it may not necessarily stack up. And also considering why a company would rather be included in a mandatory bundle (where they have a defined and regular income) than a fully bolt-on solution (where they may never see an appropriate return on any investment they’ve made if not enough people pick them to bolt on).

It’s a complicated subject, I think I may be drifting slightly now and losing track of the general point I’m trying to make among all the detail.

tl;dr, it’s very easy to understand that commercial considerations favour one approach over the other. It’s difficult, though, to stomach being told that decisions made for commercial reasons are, allegedly, customer-driven decisions. We’re all grown-ups here, aren’t we? I’d be more OK with Monzo saying “We tried to disrupt the sector but it didn’t add up, so we’re aligning closer to the sector now (as the alternative is to dump it entirely)” than I am with “We believe this is best for the customer (really) and this is the only reason we’re changing it (honestly).”


It mainly is the “tiny minority” today though isn’t it? A lot of names keep popping up. I get they are upset, but there is anger and persistence as well. I blow far more than £3 a month on stuff far more inane than my nice red badge, so I am chill about this right now

Anyhow there’s not going to be anyone from Monzo around this thread till Monday, so I am going to mute it for the weekend and hope it all blows itself out

Have a great weekend all and don’t let Plus ruin it for you :slight_smile:


(Found myself buying the last round at our work do last night and it came to about the same as my Plus subscription for a year… and with that I am off)

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How can you take away the only good thing about Monzo plus we had for the last two months ??? We were excluded from the new options, given bad quality cards and rather then fixing this bad quality issue , you kept sending new bad quality replacement cards out… and now we can either stick with getting paid interest and no way to add new options … or we can get bundles and no interest , and no early bird price . It’s been great :+1:

Or you can cancel

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Or you can cancel . Indeed.

They haven’t confirmed if I’m not mistaken that if you switch from the early bird to a new option - what price will you pay



We need to wait for the emails to give us full details

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They’ve said that if you choose to switch to a ‘comparable’ bundle, you’ll pay the lower of your current cost and the bundle cost.

That’s true. I’m just not very happy about the “no interest option “ I suppose :sweat_smile:

Could put it in a fixed pot and get even more interest :joy:

If you’re making enough on the interest to cover the cost then it might be worth keeping unless there’s a bundle you really want and will give you value for money

Sweet I wasn’t mistaken then

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I would say that it’s more a case of the value proposition falling apart when the constituent parts aren’t worth it.

There’s definitely an art to getting the bundle right.

So the bundles have now been added to TestFlight shocking.

I was looking forward to plus as Addons that are needed

So fair to say you got far more value out of that spend then … :smile:

I’ll leave now.

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What is wrong with a pic-n-mix offering. But the more you pick the more discount you get?

So core = no discount
Core plus 1 = 10%
Core plus 2 = 15%
Core plus…

That way you only get what you want and the more you get the more you save. :man_shrugging:t2: