Monzo Plus – you asked us to make it simpler, so we’ve created bundles

To be fair, it depends on the lounge. To pre-book the Escape Lounge at MAN it’s £25pp. To pre-book 1903 it’s £40pp (this does include fast track security though).

Depends if the supplier pricing actually supports that, I suppose. Theoretical pricing models are easy, mapping those onto actual supplier money demands are probably less so.

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I really wanted to like this but I’m afraid I feel pretty let down by Monzo Plus. I am on the current offering of (what I understand) is a discounted £3 a month plus an additional £4 a month for worldwide travel insurance.

This to me was a great deal. I was also looking forward to adding mobile phone insurance to the mix when that became available. If that had been comparable to sosure who look pretty great. Interest on my account too was a real bonus.

But, the bundles just doesn’t do it for me at all.

Travel Bundle - 12 months cost - £108
I can get the same Annual Trip cover with AXA for £54.98 (I know premiums may differ depending on your circumstances).
The other benefits in the travel package are just not worth that extra premium - especially when one, airport lounges - is another £25 on top. Having previously looked at Mastercard lounge access, I’d question whether this was really worth it anyway but that’s just me.

Home Bundle - 12 month cost - £144
This just equates to a regular home contents insurance. It may or may not be a good deal, but for me, it’s not what I’m looking for.
It doesn’t offer the kind of mobile phone insurance cover that sosure does (I don’t work for them, I just like what they offer and thought Monzo would be able to line up something similar).

The Supporter Bundle - 12 month cost - £59.04
Well I guess I’d maybe go for this if I skipped on the other two. Though I already have stickers, I bought a T shirt from teemill (£19). I’d love a mug (I see you hot chip mug sat next to Tom in his guardian photoshoot (great article btw)) but I’d rather just buy one, not pay a subscription in case I might be sent one. And as for exclusive events, I’m still a bit sad that these are not just events that are open to everyone, like it should be (spaces permitting obviously).

I’m really not wanting to be down on the product and for some it may make sense still. But for me, it’s a huge turn off and I won’t now be renewing my Plus subscription when it comes to an end.

I really hope that my post can be taken onboard by the Monzo Plus team as constructive feedback. It’s not meant to be a whinge about getting something for nothing.

I would have paid a little more for the convenience of not having to go out and get different travel insurance policies etc but this just doesn’t seem like a good deal to me. :pensive:


Don’t get me wrong - I’m a FlexPlus user and that’s a great example of a bundle done right. I would pay £13/month just for family mobile phone insurance. The travel insurance and breakdown cover are great extras to have, both of which I’ve relied on in the past year.

Monzo’s bundles are terrible value. They really need to stop with the discounts and stuff that you can get for free elsewhere. That’s disingenuous at best.


That’s a shame…

I gave plus a go on the introductory offer and when the interest rate came in shortly afterwards I was happy with my decision. Not so sure now. It’s super awesome because before I was automating my bills in and out of savings pots which aren’t instant access and so sometimes the cash doesn’t withdraw on time. But now I have them moving in and out of regular pots and still earning just as much interest. Big shame really…

Looking at the original list of Monzo Plus features the things I really want are Virtual Debit cards, Airport Lounges and MAYBE contents insurance (as and when mine comes up for renewal).

The whole custom card thing is cool but more of a novelty as far as I’m concerned - I’m not going to order one until this card expires - too much faff with new card numbers.

This post right here hits the nail on the head in my opinion… if Monzo are true to their word in that they read all the comments (which I’m presuming they do with this post at the moment) then I agree they should take this on board 100%!!! :+1:


I appreciate the staffs efforts but, one person is saying they will make it right. Another is saying its extremely complex to do what alot of people on here are asking for, customisation.

If i wanted one thing out of each bundle, i am overpaying BIG time! No thanks,

I hope it all gets sorted out. But, with this response, shouldnt the whole thing be put on hold?


I’ve found a £10/mo (£120/pa) packaged bank account that gives:

  • Mobile phone insurance
  • Travel insurance for Europe, including winter sports

The £20/mo (£240/pa) packaged bank account gives:

  • Mobile phone insurance
  • Travel Insurance for Worldwide, including winter sports
  • UK Car breakdown cover

Those are the headline items. Both packaged accounts include other bits and pieces such as:

  • discounts on car hire, hotels, cruises etc
  • Airport lounge access with any flight or holiday booking
  • Fee free debit card purchases abroad
  • Up to 40% cinema discounts
  • 2-for-1 (or 50%) off food at thousands of UK restaurants

But they’ve not finished, as they’ll also give you cash back on bills paid by direct debit. They estimate £83/pa reward on average bills of £345/mo total

This actually looks alright to me.

But here’s the thing…

They’ll pay you £150 if you CASS your account to them by 29th Nov 2019 which means you could get the top packaged account for just £90 in the first year. That’s just £7.50 per month for the first 12 months taking the £150 CASS incentive into account.

I think that’s a remarkable deal.

The point of this is to show what is out there if you look and how it compares to Monzo’s attempt at packaged bank accounts. I’ll not name the bank as that’s not my purpose. I just wanted to highlight the comparison with Monzo Plus; it’s chalk and cheese.

(for the real cheapskates, you can pay £2 per month to switch and get the £150 incentive by February. By my calculations, if you CASS in September, you’ll pay a maximum of £12 to gain £150 and then you’ll be free to move again.)


I am lost for words now.
Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse I read the posts from Friday.
Is it possible that someone from a supermarket pricing team has joined Monzo?


Whoever signed off on this idea at Monzo, just wow…

“The team at monzo have been hard at work improving Monzo Plus”

Can you work hard on some other things instead like Bill Pots or metal cards or business accounts or the new app design or making joint accounts have the same features as current accounts?


I really REALLY don’t like this.

Pick and mix was perfect. It was like finally a challenger bank may get this right.

And then poof…out of nowhere. Everyone was onboard. Changing the model at this stage was literally the only bad confusing move possible.

The only complaints before were pricing, and that to me was a sign that you had gotten it right :confused:


@simonb @cookywook Monzo have any comment on the masses of negative feed back after this announcement?

I have just signed up having read this thread. I can’t help but feel some of the most vocal/frequent posters are trying to stir things up a bit.
Monzo plus is definitely not a quality product yet. It has some way to go to be even near what was promised (?) at the start. After seeing it on Twitter I signed up to get the £3 early adopter price. It’s a shame you have to lose that you get anything further and even then you lose the interest. I’m in the fortunate position where I can max out the interstate so I’m keeping it for now.
Hopefully the product will continue to evolve and become the quality Monzo product we expect.

Hi Arnold & welcome :wave:

Do you mean ‘Interest’? It should be obvious, but a glance at your username & avatar makes me think of liquid robots tearing up the American highways… :wink:


What a perfect autocorrect substitution. I did indeed mean interest.


The problem is that this appears to be a complete u-turn on the vision that was promised at the start.

I’m not one that has been vocal on this thread and I’ve taken a couple of days to deliberate over everything I’ve read here. I, like many others here, am very angry by this change. Modularity and choice are the primary things that made Monzo Plus appealing. That, to me, is gone with this, which is why I am cancelling my subscription.


Please sir do enlighten us all to this bank with such wonderful offerings that make others pale into insignificance.

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The home bundle does cover mobile phone insurance though…

If you read through staff have replied several times


Let’s keep this to feedback about Plus

Send him a DM if you want more information :+1:

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