Monzo Plus – you asked us to make it simpler, so we’ve created bundles

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Perhaps bundling makes things cheaper for a small group of people who want everything in the bundle, for the rest it’s more expensive which is what Monzo said and we all agreed. Now we’re told all sorts about why it’s being scrapped.

Anyhow imagine you have 3 identical items. With these 3 identical items is it cheaper for

a) Monzo to bundle them
b) The customer to bundle them
c) Same price for both

If it’s cheaper for Monzo to bundle then why? Could it be because someone is paying for something they don’t need?


People don’t optimise based off cost. This is the reason why behavioural economics is incredibly hard to predict.

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By the quality of your responses, fully agree! :ok_hand:

I like bundles, but I’m not aware of any bundle that offers any real benefit over going direct and buying from the provider yourself, maybe the first direct flex account and the barclays travel pack plus, but generally banks don’t offer any saving apart from ease of having it all in one place and there is a cost benefit to that.

No point pretending that bundles offer a real monetary value, as right now it is not factual for monzo, that may change over time.

The benefit of bundles is the ease of getting them and the services etc they offer, not the value. Of course banks play on the value but it’s strictly not true.

Monzo said it was going to be a game changer and be different, its now doing what every other high Street bank does, offer a bundle option with no flexibility. It decides what is in the bundles not you.

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I didn’t particularly like those responses either, but you can’t call for more communication and then be rude when someone goes out of their way to give their own opinion.

Be angry with Monzo as a whole, not the individuals who would appear to be trying to help.


I absolutely agree @nickh as much as we might disagree with the position Monzo have taken, its great to have the level of feedback they give us. If they get rude comments that might slow down or even stop.


:wave: I generally agree with Monzo but on this occasion I find the responses lacking.

Anyway thanks for trying to unpack something no one is confident in.

Have a good weekend.

I agree. but (in my view, at least), the particular responses I’m referring to crossed the line between trying to help and being malicious misinformation.

A quick reminder of the code of conduct

It doesn’t matter if you agree with what staff are saying or not, please keep it civil


Seeing as moving forwards these won’t be an option for the general customer/no option once the current period ends I’ll leave it as is

I might have missed the response but what’s the plan now?

  • Have Monzo finished for the week or are they working to put things right?
  • Are they reevaluating?
  • Are they waiting for more people to comment on here?
  • Putting things on hold?
  • Continuing with their plan?
  • How long are we expected to wait before they decide what to do?

As far as I know, it’s this. With the usual caveats of seeing how things go and iterating on that.

Continue to comment but the plan is clear. They will move forward with bundles and see what the data tells them

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TLDR: Bundles benefit buyers by giving them more at a lower combined price while giving the seller more overall revenue.

Disclaimer: apologise about the chart not being the nicest as I was working on it on the tube.
Ok here goes nothing (also know that you peeps at monzo won’t see this till Monday.) However - what do you all think about the bundles with semi customisable offers ?

What i mean by this is that Monzo keep the bundles for the potential majority who find those easier, but for people who want to be able to choose individual items - give them the ability to choose a curated item that will most likely be the most sort after service within the bundle then charge that individual item/service for a slightly higher price to accommodate the issue thats been mentioned about being costly/difficult to build full customisable offers.


  • Travel = Travel insurance; cost ~£6 a month(£4 was the original cost)
  • Home = Phone insurance: cost ~£7 a month (i don’t know how much it would have been :man_shrugging:t2:
  • Swag = No option because its fairly low cost for people who want to pay for it
  • The saver = Don’t know either till we see what is/if something is offered

Now in the mean time - the bundle will be here for a little bit i think (and i will sign up as it works well for me, i would still like some customisations as well like most of you - i’ve said this before)
But maybe it could be taken into consideration a Bundle + Part customisation offer?

Anyway, I have attached a graph (it has a key to make things easier if you get confused) to show the flow of things and what I mean :point_down:t2:

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Such a flawed blog post - read the comments. It’s also making the assumption that buyers put a value on every item in the bundle.

What a roller coaster this thread has been

I hope Monzo begin to rethink their user research approaches for paid features.

I work in food and drinks - the place I work for once had a product that we all thought would do well, it offered customers something it seemed like they wanted from our research.

We went through rounds and rounds of product testing, consumer facing feedback, sampling vs our competitors in a similar space using a not insignificant sample size. All results seemed favourable - “I would buy this product”.

The problem was when it actually launched we put zero budget behind actually marketing it to people, and had made no real attempt at explaining what was different and why it was different to our consumers.

We eventually stopped making the product with the view that “consumers don’t want it”.

I guess a big part of the problem if you’re trying to get a shift from the status quo is adequately explaining to the people why they should be on board.

If the sign up flow was confusing, or the pricing structure not clear, I suspect the first place to focus is on how Monzo market it, not the product itself.


very disappointing, wanted a simple mobile phone/gadget insurance not full blown home contents insurance at a very high price by a relatively unknown insurance provider. Come on Monzo get a grip on this, looks like I will not be renewing my Plus when it runs out. And agree, who are Monzo talking to, as they certainly have not asked me. Perhaps other Monzo customers can confirm they have advised Monzo on their needs so we can have a poll.

This thread is the tops. People logging in for the first time for a year just to stick the boot in. Going to be hard to best it