Monzo Plus – you asked us to make it simpler, so we’ve created bundles

Well…making Plus “simpler” has become a shit show…

I’ll keep the core £3 Monzo Plus as the interest is paying for itself. But auto renew is off.


Would it even auto renew … that is the question.

My understanding is that we will let you keep what you have for your 12-month contract, but we will not be renewing modular subscriptions once the minimum term is up.

Are you are saying the base cost is lower if Monzo bundles it rather than the customer?


Thanks for continuing to post out of hours. Would it be too commercially sensitive to release if there has been a sizeable drop off in Plus following the announcement? Or any movement in either direction.

Appreciate if you can’t divulge.

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Maybe what this thread has shown is right now Monzo doesn’t have a proper grasp of reality. The comparison of apples and bananas both being fruit, makes no sense to you, but travel insurance and airport lounges, which are both travel related do.

Isn’t that more of a case, of just trying to justify it, by just saying it makes no sense, when actually it makes perfect sense to the majority. In fact in my fruit bowl, I have apples and bananas.

You also totally ignored the point that was being made about being able to choose what you like, rather than being told you have to have them together.


Our data scientists stressed to me that it’s too early to say :wink:


I don’t think this comparison makes sense. People who want travel insurance and access to airport lounges aren’t necessarily correlated (I definitely want insurance, and no lounges), but people who like apples are more likely to like bananas (due to them both being fruit).


Damn you, Zain, We’re in agreement again!

Exactly this. The example by @danmullen made sense. The response did not.

I travel. I have travel insurance but I have never even thought of paying expensive prices to sit down somewhere in a lounge.


With all due respect, I came up with the simplest analogy possible as Monzo seem to not understand why people are frustrated.

Your comparison makes no sense to me. You’re comparing different products. Someone with the “old” core package would also get 1.5% interest and “swag” (if they’re lucky). Let’s face it, the core £6 is the problem here. I would think lots of people would be interested in the insurance products but you made the core package a prerequisite.

And come on, we’re not idiots. You can go online and find a 10% discount code for in seconds! And airport lounges are £25 a pop ON TOP of the bundle fee. That’s more expensive than any other packaged lounge deal and around the same price as booking direct WITHOUT paying a monthly fee for the privilege.

Monzo keep saying they’re listening but this post is proof that you aren’t. We’re getting lots of meaningless apologies but at the end of the day, you still think that all the people complaining here are wrong and you’re right! This new scheme is in DIRECT OPPOSITION to what your own CEO said a matter of months ago!


Not in the current form, the included benefits are rather trash to be honest

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At least my analogy works for some people :slightly_smiling_face:


Can’t help but think investors are pulling the strings now, and Monzo has morphed into just another bank (which happens to have a forum).


Nobody checked with me first :wink:


I must admit I totally missed that—it’s nearly 7pm and I’ve had a long day :sweat_smile:


Unfortunately, us crowdfunding investors are pretty much irrelevant compared to the institutional ones…

Though I doubt the investors have a significant sway into the direction Monzo take.

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The economic argument still stands, though: bundling things makes them cheaper, which is good for customers. (The hard part is working out exactly what should go in each bundle, and we may well end up changing that.) Would you rather pay £2 for bananas and oranges, or £1.50 for apples, bananas, and oranges?


But that’s not normally how bundles work. You normally get one thing that looks attractive and a whole load of cheap stuff that doesn’t.

Bundles, per se, are not cheaper than the individual components because you mix wheat and chaff (to mix metaphors) and sell someone a load of chaff, with their wheat, at extra cost. It’d have been cheaper if they’d not been gullible and just bought the wheat they wanted.


I think this is disingenuous. You should have swapped the costs.

Nobody is complaining about given more for less. What people are complaining about is being given more for “proportionally less”, despite not using the extra.

If you had travel insurance and lounge access for £3, but travel insurance, lounge access and a backpack for £2, nobody would complain. If you make it travel insurance, lounge access and a backpack for £3.000001, then people would.


Well at least I am learning that so called legacy banks have been doing something right then :roll_eyes:

I wonder why Tom spoke against this sometime ago.