Monzo Plus – you asked us to make it simpler, so we’ve created bundles

Hi everyone :wave:

Thanks again for all your questions and comments over the past two days. We’ve learnt a lot, especially in terms of keeping you in the loop about what we’re up to. We’ve been grateful for the opportunity to share some the background and thinking for the recent changes.

We’re heading out for the weekend now. But we’ll be back on Monday to pick up anything from over the weekend. See you then!


Why not have both?


Phone insurance - £7
Travel insurance - £5
Content insurance - £8

Lounge access - £3
No limit ATM overseas - £5
1% cashback outside Europe - £3

Insurance bundle - £15
Travel bundle - £9

Oh hello, I just want phone insurance and cashback. Okay so I select both for £10.

Oh hello, I want the travel bundle plus travel insurance. Okay so I select both for £14.

Oh hello I want both bundles. Okay so I select both for £24.

(The figures are obviously made up).


It’s ok to say that they have looked at customising your own bundle and that it’s complex but that’s what was the offering in the first place.

Just really hope a lot of learning has gone into all this and that we will see a drastic improvement and some sort of better apology/refunds offered in light off all I’ve the above and the issues found and how a lot of us have been unhappy the past few months since launch

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Possibly, if you were lucky enough to be in the right age bracket.


Well, any thoughts I had about upgrading to Plus are out the window because the interest of 1.5% you previously offered on balances was the only thing that would have persuaded me.
It’s clear to see that these bundles aren’t aimed at anyone who lives outside a fair sized city, you have partnered with companies I have never heard of. And blood tests? Are you serious? Stick with putting a decent banking product out there instead of trying to bring too much ’ added value’ with these bundles. I wasn’t interested when the high street banks did it & I am not interested now.


Did the Monzo travel insurance addon change prices if you were a different age? I didn’t think it did? It was cheaper than any insurer that I’ve ever seen for what it offered you.

Complex, not impossible.

“The bank of the future” shying away from complex UX? :thinking: (even if it delivers on demand?)


I do like the idea of pick-and-mix, with bundles available for those who’d prefer them. Too bad @cookywook says that would be be too complex to offer.

I think it would be worth considering the different customer segments - and how their needs differ. Clearly someone who has a mortgage and therefore home & contents insurance is going to have different needs to someone who’s just starting out. Equally, someone who travels a lot is already likely to have access to an airport lounge - so may not need that.

I really did like the original idea of something completely modular - possibly with discounts for those who choose several products. That would have fit quite nicely alongside the non-Monzo products I already have. The only aspect of the original proposition that I didn’t understand was the base fee.


When I signed up for Monzo Plus, travel insurance was only available to 18-42 year olds, if I remember correctly. It wasn’t available to anyone else.


You’ve dropped the ball in this instance monzo.

Fair enough you felt that your approach to Plus had to change, I just hope that you learn that communication is key especially when you’re dealing with a product people are currently paying for.

It’s good that you have apologised but just please learn from this, continue testing different approaches and keep the paying customers in the loop.

Ps. I just bought the Supporters bundle, good luck with this going forwards. Happy Friday.


Lots of posts but I guess the question that matters

Will you buy any of the bundles?

  • Travel
  • Home
  • Supporter
  • More than one
  • None

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To be fair to Monzo, they usually do this better than any of the other banks. I think we’ve probably all been spoilt, so when things don’t quite go as they should, our indignation is that much greater.

I agree that feedback has been very passionate because this is something for which customers are paying - and nobody likes wasting money. I suspect it’s also because people have been waiting much longer for this than they expected to, and frustration has increased.

I hope it proves to be an exceptional blip, and Monzo get back on track.


Good idea to do a poll. Would it be worth adding:

  • Stay on original contract
  • Cancel Monzo Plus ?
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If another bank asked me if I had a packaged account, I would have said yes as I would class my Plus account as a ‘packaged account’. If a packaged account means bundles then you should have explained what a packaged account meant on the survey. There was no definitions for any of the ‘key’ words.

Maybe what you learnt from the 5 users is that the current signup UX isn’t very friendly and if you presented the information in a different way (running total etc) you’d have different results.

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I don’t think this comparison makes sense. People who like apples and bananas aren’t necessarily correlated (I definitely prefer bananas), but people who want travel insurance are more likely to use airport lounges.

And bundling features together lets us make them cheaper. Compare with the old Plus offering:

  • Modular: £6 Core + £4 Travel Insurance + £3 Travel Money = £13
  • Bundled: Card + Discounts + Travel Insurance + Travel Money + Airport Lounges = £9

For the first few weeks, we partnered with Pluto to offer travel insurance. Since then we’ve been offering worldwide family travel insurance through Axa, which covers 18–70 year olds.


How about a 1% cashback on all card transactions, that would be some progress…:wink: … I’d prefer that over my AMEX

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Glad to hear the offering was improved :+1:

That’s more then the platform fee. So I think you know that isn’t going to happen.

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My emphasis. Whilst technically true I suspect that conversion rate is quite low. Hence why people were so excited for a modular approach to begin with.