Monzo Plus – you asked us to make it simpler, so we’ve created bundles

I had to put it on paper in that way as I genuinely don’t think Monzo get what the vast majority of people are saying!


I think they get it, but I don’t think they care.


Well played. The only argument I can see for this is you can pad out a ‘Bundle’ with crap to make it look more appealing. I woke up optimistic but look at me now. To think it was suggested the feedback from outside of the forum eclipsed the responses here only a few hours ago, then you find they asked 5 people. Pfft!


Great to see the team from Monzo Plus and Monzo responding today I was concerned after yesterday’s announcement and the comments and feedback on here that they would continue to stay quiet.

Yes I am one of the unhappy Plus customers and I know some of this has been talked about before but I would like to see things like:

  • Reward existing customers with cashback or the test they did with Monzo Points

  • Packages are fine but what happens if you don’t like one on their but in the other you would prefer that? Options to add and take off?

  • Discounts need a major look many sayings you can only use in London or majority of us don’t use them at all so becomes a waste of incentive.

Their is many many more things they can do to add on the existing plan, I do believe the major banks do have the upper hand on packages but I believe Monzo have the chance to be better on this like they have done with the current accounts.

What I don’t want to see is Monzo loose the faith of us the customers and slip down the pecking order cause of what has happened with Plus.

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I prefer exactly this! I’d rather pay a fee for Monzo Plus which then meant I could get individual addons (which are currently in different bundles) at a discounted rate. I also liked that the Monzo Plus fee also got me all the basic stuff which is now a separate bundle. I don’t want to pay for this separate “Monzo” bundle, but I’d have really enjoyed to have it in Monzo Plus. Having a base fee makes me feel like I’m getting Monzo Plus and then adding the addons to it, rather than signing up to all these life admin products everywhere else. It would have been nice to use Monzo as a hub for all my life admin bills.

I always understood this Monzo fee for what it was. If this was the thing that was confusing to customers, why couldn’t it have just been explained in simpler terms?


I read it as being the other way round. They did a lot of user surveying etc then decided on bundles. And then got 5 people to test, not whether bundles were a good idea, or whether the bundles were good value, just to see if the app design was usable.


I’m wondering if it would be a good idea to offer bundles to people, but then also at the bottom to have a “Custom bundle” where you can add individual items to your own package that you actually want. That way you’re making it easy for people who just want straight-forward bundles, but also giving ‘power users’ the option of customisability.

As mentioned earlier by someone else, if you have a live total that adds and subtracts and you add and remove items, surely that would be very easy to understand?

Would this kind of thing be possible? I’d love that option!

You can read about it here :speak_no_evil: but to save you a click…


Fully-customisable is extremely complex from a design and technical perspective. So it’s not something you can just easily tack on, I’m afraid.

Then why even suggest that this was the monzo plus plan :joy:


This has to be the single funniest post… It’s extremely complex so not something we can easily tack on. But the whole plus model was add what you want when you want…


And yet that’s what Monzo Plus was originally about. If you say its extremely complex, why were you doing that to begin with?!


What brand of double-speak is this :wink:

Because originally we felt it was the best way to build Plus. We tried it, it didn’t work, so we reprioritised to something super clear instead. That’s it! :slightly_smiling_face:

How so? Surely subscribing to multiple bundles is exactly the same from a technical standpoint as subscribing to multiple unbundled features?


Right. So to sum up this thread:

  • Banking is broken and bundles suck… But that’s what we’re now offering after doing a complete u turn on our product
  • Customers found customisation too confusing and thats why we’re changing it… But it was also incredibly complex to build and this totally didn’t factor into the decision at all.

Meanwhile at Monzo HQ…


You are aware that tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of other business all around the world can manage it, including banks? This is the biggest cop-out I have ever heard from Monzo! You are better than that.


I don’t understand how this can be complex, it’s what it was originally and it was very straightforward! You guys are supposed to be awesome at UI/UX. Swatting it away with a “It’s hard to design” feels like a copout that I really didn’t expect from you!

As you get more and more services and products added to Monzo Plus, you could break them down into sections: Insurance, Discounts & Rewards, etc.

Or… Saying as you’ve already got bundles, just dig into the bundles as the categories! And pick the things you want from each! What is it that makes a mechanism like this complex in Monzo’s eyes? Or indeed anyone else in this forum if they feel the same way? :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not sure this is the case. You had a immature set of products, promised others that didn’t materialise quickly and made it impossible for those that had already signed up to add to their existing bundles whilst annoying them more by allowing new plustomers to do that. Now you’ve removed one of the mitigating features for early sign ups, e.g. interest which offsets the cost and created bundles that don’t appear to align well with many of the contributors to this thread. Just my opinion of course.


Virtual cards still on the agenda?

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In summary, packaged bank accounts (for that is what ‘bundles’ in this context means) are just ways of getting customers to pay a monthly subscription for a number of chosen (by the bank) services for free.

It was a gimmick that the legacy banks pushed hard 15-20 years ago because there is a cost to providing banking services.

Most customers won’t need or use all the services, if any, but they may perceive value from them. …and that’s how customers get suckered in.

In many cases, it’s worth thinking about which of those services you really, really need and comparing the cost via the bank’s subscription model to specialist providers. Depending upon your circumstances, your travel insurance may be much cheaper going direct. Not all customers need the winter sports or diving cover, for example,

Whilst I have no doubt that the M+ bundles are worthwhile for some, I can’t help but feel that there’s an element of exploitation of gullible people.

Paying subscription for a different coloured card (so what?), a custom username (does anyone really make much use of this? And they used to change it for free, anyway) and a handful of stickers to promote them, in a supporter bundle. Really? This isn’t exploiting customers?