Monzo Plus – you asked us to make it simpler, so we’ve created bundles

I’ve also not seen Monzo Plus advertised outside of the forum. As Monzo like to remind us, we are a very small subset of users.

Really disappointed in the direction they have taken Plus


I think this probably sums up the situation if you have 5 minutes

TLDR - businesses can’t survive only catering to enthusiasts and need to become main stream.


Based on the event, this now appears to be a company who are under huge pressure to turn a profit from investors. There appears to be no direction or strategy, they are just throwing things and seeing what sticks. An unprofitable bank with no strategy is dangerous.

Originally I thought the project lead on this was just an awful lead. But now I feel sorry for him. He is clearly under huge pressure to deliver something that is not what they wanted to build AND ensure it is profitable.

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I completely agree with the TLDR. However it feels like they didn’t get the ‘legacy’ Plus a chance.

  • I’ve not seen it advertised anywhere
  • a lot of my colleagues had never heard of Plus (I’ve signup 105 users; haven’t asked each one) and they wouldn’t be enthusiasts. Majority are non forum users etc.

Ahhwwww :heart_eyes: One of my favourite YouTuber’s :slight_smile:

If you keep saying it, surely someone will listen.


Looking at what people have been saying over social media and the lack of people tuning in, seems to be a complete and utter shambles.

Given the state of this and what’s happened I am surprised the CEO @tom hasn’t said anything regarding this but instead stayed very quiet.

Also looking at what’s been shared it does seem to warrant that we have actually been mis sold this product and have grounds to take it for FOS.

It’s a real shame that this has happened, and a lot of questions seemed to have been brushed under the carpet.

I really hope that something happens in next 24-48 hours to reassure existing customers cause as I have said in the last month this has been a complete mess and a waste of £6 a month so far


Finally got to the end of this thread after 4 days… Wow. Only sentiment on here i can’t get behind is those demanding that their fee is refunded. Monzo may have had to change their tact but they were clear not to sign up unless you saw value in the core offering as it was offered. In addition interest has been paid for 6 weeks. Offering to cancel the subscription is the right thing to do but I don’t see any reason for refunds.

To reiterate what others have said personally I liked the modular approach significantly more than the bundles as I don’t wish to pay for items that I won’t use;the same reason I’ve never had a paid bundled account with a legacy bank. What I would have been willing to do I pay a slight premium (compared with purchasing them seperatley) on purchasing the things I would use making managing the products easier.

The interest was a real plus as well as it would mean that my working money for the month was earning something while waiting to go out on DD or be spent.

Plus was shaping up nicely to remove some of the complexity of managing my life, which was the real benefit of it.

Now my intention is to keep the early bird until the bundle conversion email comes and then likely cancel.


Judging by the official product page at the time of launch, this is not the case.


No they weren’t, I was an early adopter and it was pretty implied that while not all features were available on signup they were coming very soon.

Never heard a peep off Monzo in the four months that I paid for plus about what was happening next. Not a thing.


Right, so existing Monzo Plus customers and/or early bird adopters have been screwed over.

Personally it’s going to cost me an additional 99% more next year to get the same features.

Can someone from Monzo please clarify the following:

  1. if I cancel or move to a bundle that doesn’t include the custom link, will I lose my current custom link or will it just stay as is?

  2. are we going to ever actually going to get any Swag? That’s one of the reasons I actually signed up to Monzo Plus.

  3. are you going to do anything as a means of apology to existing Monzo Plus or early bird customers? You know, fulfill the swag issue, put us in line to get access to a metal card?


I’m an existing Monzo Plus user on the £3 per month option.

My concern is that important communication is being done via this community forum and not more directly. I don’t come here very often, so the “bundles” announcement was unexpected - you haven’t communicated this to me via email or via the app. What I did find today, when I went to update the Monzo app, were instructions about the new bundles and how to get to them (and therefore confusing that I can’t). So I end up here as the only way to find out what bundles were and why I didn’t have the option for them.

As a result we have poor messaging on the app update, as well as to me, as a Monzo user.

As it is, the new bundles are not worthwhile for me but I know that when my current Plus membership comes to an end (in 9 months), that I’ll have to give up what I have, particularly the interest. So, I’ve switched off auto-renew and will drop back to a standard account when that time comes. Which is a shame - I liked the idea of Plus and had been a happy user.


Yep the update message to the app doesn’t apply to existing plus customers. We’ve been told we will receive an email with our 3 options (cancel, stick for the reminder and then it cancels or switch)

For existing Plus customers this will not affect your tier. At the end of your term, you will not renew (even if auto renew is on) as a Plus customer and you have to signup again (unless that changes between now and then). This is only for the users on the ‘legacy’ Plus

Except nothing of the core offering was delivered

Plus cards are the worst quality I’ve ever seen and they’re not bothered about it

Events - a bunch of Plus members didn’t get the invites and the official response was silence then :woman_shrugging:

Swag - if you saw a post here on the forum a few weeks ago you were able to request some otherwise you’re out of luck and the official stance now is switch to supporter or get bent

So no, they haven’t delivered on the core offering, they should apologise and fully refund everyone. Otherwise I see a strong case of mis-sold financial product


My Plus subscription was cancelled as of yesterday and I still have my custom link. Whether that remains the case I don’t know.

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Personally I don’t have a problem with bundles. They just need to be useful and good value. Sadly all these are neither.


Exactly this. To me it felt very insincere, and it was topped off with the repeated use of phrases such as “we listened to your feedback and this is what you asked for!” that really gave the impression of Monzo trying to pass this whole thing off as a win.

I would rather just have the bad news as it is, rather than everything being sugarcoated. If the forum users really are such a small minority of the Plus user base, I don’t see the harm in being honest here rather than treating every response like a press release. :roll_eyes:

As mentioned earlier in the thread this excludes @Tristan who has been very upfront with us.


I seem to have maintained my custom link after cancelling.

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They’ve said before that you can keep your custom link and plus card when you cancel. :+1:


Thank you to those who have answered my query in regard to the custom link; I asked for myself and so others were also aware.