Monzo Plus: Two Months On Poll

Or at the very least made this clear in the verbiage used in sign up to show these offers would be one use only and not replaced.

Should probably been billed as plus sign up bonus offers as opposed to a plus “feature”

Anyone seen this? :eyes:

Unless that’s going to give me a big discount on those places, I really don’t see the point!

Completely agree - the enhanced budgeting support I get from split/ custom categories has been game changing for me by showing me where my money goes and where I can cut back!

I hope it’s like the shrine indicator on Zelda BOTW

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I don’t have that option - what app version is this? android or ios?

Android version 3.50.1

I’m on the same version and a plus customer … but no sign of that option…

Hopefully it’s a sign of bigger things to come :slight_smile:

Another thing that shows Monzo Plus isn’t as polished as Monzo would like to think

6 weeks after getting Plus and connecting my cards the access has already expired - it should last 90 days so three months. Wouldn’t be expecting to renew access until nearer the end of my minimum term

Also why would I “Add Barclaycard” under a prompt to renew access to my Barclays current account?


That’s interesting - I had a similar connected account issue today where I wanted to remove one.

I have one old Santander current account I no longer use (plus others I do)

In removing ONE card it disconnects all of them.

Not necessarily behaviour I’d expect!

Despite the time they had to develop and the promises to get things right, it just feels like another half-baked product and some shoddy coding once the initial shine wears off

Two months on and I still can’t remove the get started with Monzo Plus cards they said on day one they’d allow us to remove


No not yet. I’m thinking this would be part of the Gourmet Society offer (?) which hasn’t yet surfaced.
Monzo Premium?

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gotta say that’s news to me on the staying “as is” nature of Plus but I only blame myself for not paying attention

I think maybe a lot of us see Monzo as a product tech company who are a bank. I find it weird that a product would exist like this and never be improved /iterated on but then in the banking world that’s exactly how many ‘products’ work.

Maybe it’s a case of people (like me) expecting too much or maybe it’s a muddled company identity

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I would agree with this.

Monzo wanted to be a techy finance hub but then ended up going up the banking route which perhaps proved to be more complicated than they expected

They ended up having to leave a lot of features as minimum viable products without improving on them further. I won’t deny their implementation of new banking regulations is great but I think those tie down a lot of resources they can’t then focus on improving others and just generally being a tech company

Starling in comparison knew they wanted to be a bank and had the core product out the door early on. This seems to have secured them some big money in RBS Remedies and ISS and they’re on a path to profitability and in a place to focus on improving the tech side of things and introduce lots of polished features that they then do improve on

I hope I can be proven wrong with Plus but there is no sign of any movement two months on. I’ll see next month and even once I cancel I’ll keep an eye on things. I do hope one day the feature set might develop to a point I would consider paying for


One thing I’ve pointed out via support in app but hasn’t been corrected is that there is a screen which says £400 free withdrawals abroad (photo attached).

This is not strictly true as the £400 only applies to non EEA countries. Within EEA countries there is no limit, basic stuff like this should be accurate and very clear to everyone.


Honestly, it seems there’s little if any critical feedback that will make its way to anyone who cares via the forums these days. It would be wonderful if Monzo genuinely took this on board, but the forum seems an impossible route to this as of late.


When we got our pitchforks out in the Pride icon thread, we got some vague promises of looking into things but no update was ever provided. At least it did lead to a consultation on the new app icon

I clicked that button hoping that it’s a display glitch and that I can reconnect my Barclays current account. No, it takes me to the Barclaycard site. Monzo, this is a premium feature people are paying for, why can’t you get at least this right!?


I wonder what the best way to direct this type of feedback is these days.

Maybe Twitter would be more effective?

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