Monzo Plus: Two Months On Poll

Nope. V1, if I remember rightly, was supposed to offer a growing number of insurance offers that never appeared. V2 promised metal cards, competition draws, and swag that never appeared.

In contrast, V3 was sold “as is.”


If they were, I don’t recall seeing it mentioned, at least not as explicitly as it was this time.

Also, this offering has quite a few things at launch. The last version was very basic and discounted on the promise it was beta and would be adding new things. They advertised this in app, that new features would come, and it’s why I signed up. It’s also how I was able to complain and be refunded when they did not deliver. This new version does not promote anything in app that could be coming soon during the sign up flow.


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Just to clarify, I meant in the community a Monzo employee specifically said not to sign up in the hope it would improve. I think failing to deliver something which was promised is different to people signing up in the expectation that the offer would improve.

I freely admit, though, that my recollection may be wrong. :+1:


Also I think the difference this time is “waiting for existing features to be optimised”, vs “waiting for new features”.


I’m not a Monzo plus subscriber for the time being. I considered it when it came out but felt that opening a starting account as well as Monzo would be more beneficial (the lack of fees withdrawing money abroad was a big one for me).
I personally would like to see the ability to pay in cheques to my account from my phone’s camera like some of the other banks. This is possible and I know it has been discussed before, but as a paid feature it would be something I’d personally consider subscribing for. Just mainly for the convenience around birthday and Christmas.

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Hi Ben, welcome to the community!

I personally wouldn’t mind this, but with a caveat. Plus gives them financial incentive to build better tools for those of us willing to pay. While check imaging would be that, I’m not fond of the idea of that functionality being paywalled.

I think it’s been mentioned in other Plus threads, but I think a plus first approach to new features is the middle ground I’d be comfortable with. So as plus gets new features, some of the more broader appealing ones trickle down to standard users.

It’s an approach Revolut take at times. Continuously building and adding new and better functionality into the paid product helps it retain value, while moving some features down to the free version after a while increases the value of the base product to potential new customers too, without denting the value of the premium product.

This approach not only generates the income Monzo need, but it makes Monzo a better product for everyone in the long run, and done more sustainably, and potentially better, too.


This is one of the main things that I don’t understand about Monzo customers. Why would anybody willingly pay their bank to 1) pay money in and 2) withdraw it


I can’t see this being a paid for feature.

One of the reasons the banks have introduced cheque imaging is because it’s cheaper for then to process them. As such maximising volumes is important as it lowers the average cost.

The marginal cost of an extra cheque would also be a lot cheaper for Monzo to do than their current system

And that’s before we get on to the benefits customers will have such as better service.

Also, why would customers pay, if the feature is available for free everywhere else?


Summarises my thoughts exactly. Not going to subscribe.

Yep, I’d be happy with a ‘Plus-first’ approach for new features.

In time, I could see things like credit scores & virtual cards trickled down to free accounts, as Plus users get credit cards in open banking and virtual cards attached to Pots.

That said, I don’t think it makes sense to put cheque imaging into Plus- as above, I’d guess it’s a feature that will save Monzo money once the initial cost is sunk, so they’d want to roll it out ASAP.

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I think this might have confirmed it for me, seems some things in plus are getting ignored now … no new offers or discounts planned it seems…

(from Instagram)


Looking at that link I didn’t realise how frequently features have been added. I guess you lose track when you’re on here all the time.

Link for people is below:

Only 3 things in 2020 sadly

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Probably most things are. They were clear to take Plus as-is and don’t get it for what may come

Offers are the one thing I thought they would at least work on though. Once you used it you get no real benefit from it and one would expect offers to change periodically.


I think this year has been a write-off for everyone :sweat_smile:

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Absolutely, and I did. But as we approach the 3 month minimum term, I’m starting to re-evaluate if the price paid is actually worth it.


To me that’s a definite no. I get barely any value out of it and will cancel as soon as the minimum term is up.

I gave it a go but it didn’t revolutionise my finances and just feels half-baked still


I find it a worry they haven’t said anything at all.

“We’re delighted to announce that we’re adding free glitter to Monzo Plus”

“We love this idea and we’re working to getting this in as :soon: as possible”

“We know you’re all eager to see updates but we don’t have any right now”

Or even something so simple…

“Today we’re adding a Plus icon”

Nada. Ziltch.


I am surprised especially as they claimed plus was ready in March, so what exactly have they been doing

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I also think it’s fair to believe this for new features, rather than continuing to improve the already present at launch features, which I do think is a completely fair expectation.

I really find it baffling that Offers haven’t even changed - that’s just part and parcel of having an offers based incentive right… Time causes offers to change…?!

Hopefully the next month will have some inputs from Monzo