Monzo Plus Roadmap for 2019 📅

Overall, this is looking really good! And much better than it sounded before this roadmap was shared, so thanks very much for begin more open with your plans. However, one thing I find disappointing is the virtual cards:

For everything else, I can understand why they are part of Monzo Plus instead of the core product. However, virtual cards appear to have zero marginal cost to Monzo once the feature is built. So for this feature, it seems that Monzo is holding something back which it could provide to the core product, as a way of encouraging people to pay for a premium account, something Tom previously said was against the ethos of Monzo. (In fact, this kind of tension was initially cited as a reason Monzo wouldn’t do premium accounts.) :disappointed:

I may have got this wrong, but virtual cards seem like a feature the Monzo team have been considering for some time, so it’s disappointing to see it pushed into a ‘premium’ offering now.