What's next for Plus & Premium - a question to Monzo

It seems to have been some time since anyone officially stated what Monzo’s plans for Plus & Premium are. Would someone be able to give us an official line?

I’ve an idea of what I’d like to see, but would be interested to see if anything’s in the pipeline such as potentially better offers, insurance options or other “nice” additions.

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A rise in the interest rate would be a good start


Most likely to happen with a rise in the monthly fee too though :man_shrugging:

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I actually don’t mind if they did, Lloyds premium is 5 a month more for the same cover. HSBC select and cover has 3 insurance choices for 20.

I would actually pay 20 for premium if it included family mobile insurance to be fair. It has to work for Monzo too.

Other things I would like to see would be an increased interest threshold e.g 1.5 up to 2500 for example.

But, would love to see someone from Monzo dropping in to say what their plans are.


Any new products coming

A monzo credit card ?


Joint Accounts. Especilly custom categories on Joint Accounts. I can’t understand why they don’t ship that, it would be so enabling - custom categories were one of the most requested features before they landed, and yet if you rely on your Joint Account for most of your spending you’re locked out, still, even if you pay! Humph.


I think Flex was their answer / toe in the water for this.


It’s been mentioned plenty times before that doing all this for joint accounts is a lot of work, I’m sure it’ll be coming at some point. However they’ve been working on other revenue generating stuff, such as Flex.

I cancelled Plus a couple days ago, just got my hot coral card through. For me I’m just not seeing the benefit anymore. I’ve moved more and more to Chase (spending and savings) now all my Monzo account does is receive my salary and pay direct debits.


As also duscussed plenty of times before, there’s a critical subset that is more important and not replicatable in other ways - chief amongst these is custom categories.

I’m afraid you might be right. It’s a completely different proposition, and doesnt do anything a credit card does, unless you use a credit card for borrowing, which you shouldn’t anyway. I’ve just had the email saying “Goodbye credit cards”. Very odd.

Some great thoughts but would be cool to get Monzo’s line on this

@AlanDoe is there anyone from the plus or premium team who might like to clarify what, if anything, is being worked on for the paid accounts? I appreciate that, in the past, this might have not ended well and got some flak so if its easier for them to DM me, that’d be good.

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Revenue generating takes higher priority than JA right now. So finishing developing flex, loans etc

The vast majority of people use a credit card for borrowing.

Pretty sure that’s the whole definition of getting something “on credit”… It’s borrowed.


Yes, that is quite evident. But the topic of this thread is “What’s next for Plus & Premium”. I think that what’s next should be some joint account features - especially the critical ones - and especially the specifically critical one of custom categories that can’t be replicated / done in any other way via the individual account. Transactions in the Joint Account are where they are, lack of custom categories means lack of control over nuanced budgeting, and it seems especially silly not to roll this feature out to joint account as it cannot be that much work. It already exists for all other kinds of accounts (personal, business), so the technical limitations are thin, and the business limitations could be addressed by allowing it only for joint accounts where both parties have either Plus or Premium.

Monzo’s product has stagnated - I was all informed Plus for a year but have since moved most of my spending to Chase. I feel like Monzo is aimed at 18-30 year olds and as someone nearing 40 it isn’t offering anything useful.

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What does Chase offer you that Monzo doesn’t? (Beyond the cashback for the first year)



I’m 33 and still in the crowd :sweat_smile:🥹


1.5% on savings… cleaner interface… I can actually pay directly into savings accounts whereas with Monzo pots I can’t

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