Monzo Plus/Premium: Offers

Splitting off from the main Plus thread, please use this thread to discuss the Monzo Plus offers :shopping:


Seems like a bit of a pointless feature at the minute. The offers are those naff ones that you get in Ticketmaster envelopes or literally any online purchase that usually get put in the bin.

Why not team up with something like Perkbox or Xexec that provides actually useful offers like vouchers/discounts?


The best offer from last plus was for Pact coffee as it wasn’t a code I could just go find from a voucher site; more like this please.


I have no use for any of those offers however I’m told that Patch are pretty good so may give them a go at some point.

I hope they update these offers regularly and have good mix to make it worthwhile for everyone.

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they’re a bit rubbish, doubt I’d use any of them


Yeah same here sadly all the offers have no use to me at all


Nothing there to encourage me to join Plus.


This feature feels very reminiscent of the N26 offering. It’s nice to get offers, but in the 18 months I was with N26 I never used a single offer. As it stands with the current Monzo ones, I suspect it’ll be the same.

Shortly after I began using Revolut, they changed their perks into a rewards system. In the 3 months or so that I’ve been using them, I’ve used three of them. This comes down to the fact that there are substantially more offers, and with more well known brands. I’m hoping to see this head in a similar direction as revolut. The brand matters more than the value of the offers as I’m more likely to take advantage of 5% off at Uniqlo, or Nike, than 50% off some app subscription I’ve ever never heard of.

Edit: I should probably add for clarity that some of Revolut’s offers are cashback rather than % off, but it’s still a discount all the same, and I suspect is the reason why they’re able to plug into more and better known brands.


This is a tough one as unless they appeal to you directly then people won’t like them.

But the current ones are not the best.

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But are these similar cashback rates that can be achieved via sites such as TopCashback or Quidco?

If Monzo could make the cashback pretty much instant (rather than waiting literally months) and paid back directly into your bank account that’d be killer.


I believe they’re less, but I don’t use any cashback sites, so don’t benefit from it, and with them being in the middle it creates hassle and friction that the reward usually isn’t worth it, which is something Revolut solves.

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Yeah, the instant credit of the cashback from banks is more beneficial than the months of wait for the cashback, if it’s actually confirmed.

I have made over £1,200 from TCB over the years, however, it does require a lot of patience too.


I guess the issue with cash back is that it’s the retailers that delay things.

I don’t mind the wait. It’s free money!


GoCompare are the worst offenders for declining, in my experience.

Others tend to pay up, eventually.

Amex do £5 for £10 spend at selected small businesses.

Is there something similar to this that Monzo could investigate, perhaps?


Fully appreciate that the offers, as well as a discount for the user, give the retailer/business some publicity at the expense of a discount, but in this scenario they are rendered useless for users that might already be customers of the place.

In my particular case, HelloFresh for example would be the only “usable” one, except for the fact that it only applies to new customers, so they don’t seem to me designed for everyday spending (yet anyway)


Yeah these just feel like they are offers for offers sake IMO. Looks like I can get all but the Babylon offer by Googling offers which I would do anyway beforehand if I was going to purchase so not sure on why the offers should be a paid feature at the minute - these may change though as I’ve noticed that it says “current” offers.

I do like the idea around the Babylon Health offer, it’s pretty niche and not something I’ve personally seen offers for before.

It would be nice to see more offers on larger mainstream merchants. I can’t see myself using any of the current ones.

How I would like to see offers developed
I think some of the offers should make me want to sign up to Monzo Plus long term,

“If I sign up to Monzo plus I can get 10% off at Greggs, or another nationwide retailer; I eat there a lot so that would be worth it!”


“If I sign up to Monzo plus I can save 10% on my recurring Spotify membership; I’d save £1 a month”

But I currently could never see myself thinking:

“If I sign up to Monzo plus I can save 50% on Naked Wines.” - This retailer is so common in the offer space I’m not sure if people would actually expect to ever pay full price.

Did offers influence my sign up to Plus?
Nope :pensive:


Definitely hope they evolve into more attractive cashback offers. As others have said pretty much all of these are readily available for ‘free’.


I’ve noticed is says on the plus cards World debit MasterCard, which it doesn’t say on my regular card, is this specifically for plus?

My current card is a few years old so maybe they all say it now?

And more importantly, does it include anything extra ?