How does the new “Plus” compare to the old one?

Being an adopter of both versions of Monzo’s “Plus” accounts, does anyone else find that the features are actually really poor? - especially the offers.

When you compare against other “challenger” banks, they offer cashback incentives, etc. Monzo offers you virtual cards, better roundups, rubbish offers which haven’t changed since the new plus launched and also which you can easily find online, a different card design, they quietly change benefits too with no notice, such as the paying in cash limits.

Monzo made a big song and dance about how the old Plus team were let go to make way for a new team who would improve the product, but really, what’s changed that’s actually worth it? Am I just being bitter or has Monzo just lost its “wow” factor? And instead just become a bank that people get because they’re friends have it?


Both free at Starling and Revolut.

Talk with your wallet.

Monzo doesn’t change it because people are happy to pay it.


Oh good, this again.


Sometimes it’s nice to have Classic FM on, to remember.


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New record I think! 109 days since the last one.

FWIW - I too would’ve liked to see them updated every now and again. But as with literally every time this thread comes up it boils down to the same point, its subjective and if it works great, if it doesn’t there are alternatives.

Some people find it value for money, I think the aggregator is, others don’t.

I’m guessing you never had the original plus. Because no-one who did and lived through that would say this. The plus we have now, and the team that delivered it, vastly improved on what it was to what it is now.

Spare a thought for people who either don’t know that they can, or don’t bother to search for previous topics of the same discussion (and we know how search can go wrong).

So I will give my standard answer again as to why Plus still works for me: I find the Monzo app the best UI/UX by far for Open Banking connected accounts. Definitely much better than other banking apps, and better than the paid ones too which tend to make it too complicated. Coupled with virtual cards which I use significantly for various purposes, it’s worth it for me.

Plus (ha), with the new 3.4% accounts, which give you 4.4% on Plus, it not only pays for itself but I have a bit of surplus interest too.


I did - because as you say not everyone knows or can search. But this is the most circular conversation on here every time it comes around. Until Monzo update (or not) plus it’s the same music but different.

I spare zero thoughts. If you can log in, you can search.

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Having taught thousands of children in my relatively few years as a Computing teacher, and also having trained adults on a large number of IT tasks and software in my last job, I can safely say that’s not true.
Searching on a computer is a skill, one at which lots of people are not good. It is also a matter of how the software has implemented search - it works better in some places, worse in others.


The Plus interest only applies to the first £X (I can’t quite remember, £1k maybe?) so it doesn’t quite pay for itself but it does take the edge off a bit

It applies to the first £2,000.

So, unless I am misunderstanding it, if I have £2,000 in the 3.4% pot, it gets 4.4% in total. This is £88 per year, or just over £7 per month, more than the £5/month cost of Plus.

Is this not correct?

Yes, but if you didn’t have Plus you’d still get £68 pa (3.4%) on your figures, so you’re only gaining £20 per year from Plus, unless I misunderstand how the pots work.


It’s been discussed before, I believe the extra % applies to the current account first then any of your leftover allowance goes to the pot.

Plus you still get the 3.4% regardless of which tier you’re on so all Plus gives you is the 1% on £2k ie £20pa

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Yes, so having £2k in the pot with Plus actually pays for Plus with some extra interest left over. I am not comparing vs not having Plus, I am just pointing out that Plus can be paid for in this way (which didn’t use to be the case before interest rates rose, of course, and will cease to be the case when they start going down again).

At the end of the day, if you have the required amount in your current account continuously through the month, Plus will cost about £3.75 per month (from memory) however you decide to pay for it.

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That’s crazy :exploding_head:

I’m not saying that I don’t believe you, but if you can Google (which probably landed you here in the first place since Monzo removed the link from their website) is it too much to repeat the process again?


I agree. I’m skilled at it though so slightly biased:

And, despite some of my more elaborate image posts, that :point_up: is a genuine cert, not a photoshop job. Even more incredible is the fact I initially spelt the filename totally wrong when I saved it and basically lost it in my Google Drive. Couldn’t find it for years. How ironic.

Current Plus is waaaaaaaay better than plus v1 & v1.5 by the way.


Haha that’s ace and it’s still a thing too! Doesn’t look like you get a certificate anymore though :frowning:


Ahh, it looks like an old page they forgot to delete. Anything around it, including the announcement of its launch all have redirects setup.