Monzo Plus: Paying a linked Credit Card Account

So yeah, I’ve got myself into the new Monzo Plus and linked my NatWest accounts up with ease.
One of the accounts is a credit card account which was correctly identified as such in the app, with credit limit etc…
Monzo allows me to request money from my linked NatWest current account, but not send it

  • Suggest changing the terminology here to better reflect that as the two-way icon and name suggest both ways are possible, but that’s not what this post is about.

The linked credit card - can we have an added option in the Account view for credit cards to pay an amount into that account when there is a balance to be paid off?

Currently I have to send money to my NatWest current account through the payments tab rather than use the “Move Money” on the linked account (which has a two-way arrow).
Log into my NatWest App and then select to pay off any credit card balance.

Would be nice to kinda identify a direct debit that is used to pay off the card, reserve the cash like a pot and so on and update the amount for commited spend.

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