Linked account payments - pay into the linked account

I have connected linked accounts (current account and credit card) with monzo plus however it it missing what I would expect to be a basic requirement.

I can take money out of the linked current account into the monzo account but not the other way. This is odd. Also I cannot pay the credit card from Monzo either with this approach.

Linking the account should have the correct details so I do not have to manually create a payment to a linked account and guarantees the details are correct.

Am I missing something?

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You can set-up payment from Monzo to an external account in the usual way using the Payments section (these can be one-off or recurring payments)

Connected accounts allows you to receive money into Monzo from them from within the Monzo app.

It would look better if you could do it both ways (to/from Monzo) using the connected account, but it isn’t available at the moment. It may be coming though - who knows :man_shrugging:

That’s where I have issue. I need to manually setup that payee rather than simply have them created for me by linking the account. Even if it linked from the account to a payee box pre filled for me would help (I have 6+ accounts so this is tedious to manually enter.

I’m guessing you are using iOS?

The fact this was missing also immediately jumped out at me. I hope it’s a technical restriction of Open Banking rather than a business decision by Monzo that “all your money must come to us”

I’m sure I’ve read elsewhere that the plan was to iterate on this and make outbound payments more simple via the Move Money button?

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Agreed. Was just trying to find it but also sure a staff member said it was something that had been looked into and was probably happening.

On Android.

On the linked account it knows the sort code and account number. It should have a button to make a payment from the linked account screen even if it just prefills the existing payment screen.

Monzo is my main account so I’d be looking to send money to my other accounts / pay credit card etc usually. Wouldn’t be moving money to my primary account unless from savings elsewhere.


Yes! It should be incredibly simple. I already use Emma to view amount details, rather than going into banking apps or websites. UK sort codes and account numbers are all there. IBANs seem to be an issue, such as for Starling’s Euro account.

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