Auto Pay Regular Credit Card Payments

Monzo can already recognise with my Linked AMEX regular payments such as Netflix and add them to tracking, it would be great if it could monitor for when that payment has appeared on the statement as it usually does for tracking, and then pay off the card by that amount via direct debit or transfer etc this would be incredible as bills such as gym or subscriptions are more beneficial to pay via credit card for points but would be great to automatically pay them off

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If you have a search this is mentioned an awful lot.

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I couldn’t find an adequate post with a solid response as to the status of this, if it was possible or could be added

You’ll often not get a “status” from Monzo for most things.

And all was well with the world again.

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Yes, so this is about automatically sorting it into a pot, you still have to manually pay off the credit card, I am asking and suggesting auto payment of the credit card via DD or transfer

Set your card to take the full payment then and set that payment from a pot?

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It was a suggestion, to make it automatic and not manual

Fine to suggest, but I think what you’re asking for (i.e. I spend £6 in Pret on my AMEX, immediately send £6 to AMEX to pay off that balance) is highly unlikely to happen.

As @Revels has said, you can already pay off your monthly statement in full via direct debit to avoid interest.
You can also already assign direct debits to be collected from a pot.

The bit that’s missing in the chain is using the Open Banking data from AMEX to automatically move the £6 you spend in Pret to a pot, ready to be collected by your monthly direct debit.