Monzo Plus card payment from Monzo

My Monzo Plus card takes money from my Monzo Current Account of which I had to delete when I got the new card. I can’t find a way to change the payment of 5 pounds monthly to another card anywhere on the app. If anyone can help I would be very grateful. I tried to ring Monzo and asked them to help but I didn’t get any help there either.

Hi Venetia,

Your Plus card account is your Monzo Current Account. The £5 per month will be automatically debited each month on the same date as you originally applied for Plus.

The issue is that you can’t pay it from a pot (like a bills pot payment), so if you want to auto-cover the Plus payment each month you’ll have to ensure there’s at least £5 in the account just before the payment is taken, or set-up a scheduled payment from a pot to occur on the day before to cover it that way.

The Monzo Plus charge is taken directly from your account, not a card.

You don’t need to change anything.

Monzo takes Monzo Plus payments from your Monzo account, not another bank card. You need to have £5 balance in your current account on the day the payment is due. Your Monzo Plus card is your Monzo current account card.

A way around the ‘issue’ you could set a standing order from your other bank account on the day the payment is due.

If you comment was about how to cancel Monzo Plus then go to the ‘Plus’ tab at the bottom on the Monzo app. Scroll down and click ‘Settings’, then click ‘Cancel Monzo Plus’.

Why would you ring an app based bank, with in-app chat?!

Have you lost your card? Are you in an emergency?

Because in-app chat isn’t exactly easy to find?


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