Monzo Plus Offboarding Experience

I’m not sure about anyone else, but when I look at the Monzo plus offboarding process (it’s not really for me), and then look at the support page and just see a list of problems and fees coming into effect. The consideration popped into my head of “maybe I should just cancel altogether.”

The big red list of “here’s what you’ll lose and will probably break” alongside the existing regular account issues really brought the question forward.

Having been around since the beta I’ve been considering moving it to my main account but Since Plus 2.0 I’ve been strongly reconsidering switching back to one of the major banks. I suppose from a Monzo perspective I would like to see a better process for offboarding from Plus, but as a whole I think Monzo is creating an image problem for themselves as they’re losing their own identity and unique selling points.

Kinda just needed to let that out but if anyone has similar feedback or improvement suggestions That’s probably relevant too. ^^

tl;dr version: I’d like a better cancellation experience on Monzo Plus, that gives me more incentive to either stay Plus, or at least stay on regular Monzo. Current one feels like an Emergency slide out the Fire Door.

You mean offboarding as in cancelling plus and returning to a free account? Why would they make that easy or pleasant?

Why shouldn’t they? If Plus is not for you, it’s not for you?

I think they are quite helpful around cancelling plus, clear on what you will lose to be honest, a good way of showing it. It should be easy to cancel and polite/pleasant where possible


I’ve just had a look and it is easy and at least pleasant in the sense that it clearly explains what is happening.

Totally lost on what the problem is.


It’s an easy enough process, but there’s nothing compelling me to stay.

As it stands, I’m not keen on what I have, it tells me that leaving is going to be a pain, and then when I cancel out and look at help to see if anything else is coming, there’s a bunch of links to increased fees and problems. If I’m looking for an excuse to stay, there’s nothing really there from the Monzo side selling the idea of staying with them and not just going the whole way and out of the door.

Genuine question - what are we voting for here? A better offboarding experience?

I’m confused


I am confused with this entire post.

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The post isn’t confusing, I think it’s obvious what the OP is saying. It’s just in the wrong category and doesn’t need to be voted on.


Essentially, yes.

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WelI can tell you that off boarding after a few days [maybe up to 14 as in distance selling regs] is a very straightforward process. Mind you I had decided that the lack of all linked accounts appearing in the CSV download was a non starter for me so I did not activate the Plus card when it arrived. Potentially more complex I guess if you have already done that. and with a fee involved. I got my £5 back immediately. R-

Can you post a screenshot of these pages or link to them?


For me that gives you plenty of reasons to stay :man_shrugging:

And it’s not difficult (or a pain) at all… just press the button and it’s done :confused:

A better question would be… What would you recommend it shows there instead?


Looks like a great, clear differentiation of what you stand to lose.

Without trying to guilt trip you or trick you into sticking around.


What a “terrible” off-boarding process. No GIFs. No klaxons. No heartfelt pleas. It’s like they just don’t care!

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Without getting into the whole debate again; if a new card is required, which it appears to be, why make the customer order it as the cancellation screen suggests? Just advise a new card will be dispatched, surely?


Looks fine to me. The big red X s are justified - people need to know that their card will stop working.

I dont know how they manage that exactly but it would be great if it only cancelled once you were ready to activate the new card.

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I think that’s why they’ve set a 2 week limit… If it was left up to me I wouldn’t activate my coral card so I could keep the holographic one :stuck_out_tongue:


Without going through the whole process, I don’t know if it’s a manual process, or not.

Also, I think it’s to enable the person to order it when it suits them, vs doing it straight away (ie. If they’re travelling?

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But their current holographic card will terminate in 2 weeks, which could lead to them not having a working card. :man_shrugging: