Monzo Plus sign up messed up!

So today got invite to join monzo plus. Went through the steps and chose the increased WD limits for using card abroad. Went through activate it , this service not added. It was the only reason I went for Monzo plus as I travel often. Went to live support. Took them hours to respond in the end telling me it was me who did not choose this function at sign up and nothing they can do basically.

So im stuck paying for something that does not include the function I want. They are not listening that its a bug in the sign up process. And support was and is terrible slow!!

They just replied saying well you have to wait until we add an option that allows you to add extra options to the Plus - what a mess. Anyone home Monzo ? and your support times today suck big time!


As a work around, is it possible to cancel and join again?


I’d suggest the same as above.

You’re within your 2 week cooling off period so ask if you can cancel and rejoin :slight_smile:


they did not mention that in the response from support. Just something about I could add this feature later on. But no time frame given nothing. Im really surprised by Monzo on this one. Support have dragged and no one seems to know what to do. I know for a fact I choose this feature. Im abroad now and wanted to withdraw funds without paying fees, but as im almost to my limit (200) cant.

thanks for the replies. But they are not giving me any info on cancelling and restarting the process which I would have presumed they would have ? also why can not they just not add this feature pro actively ? even though I did choose it at sign up!

That sounds strange :confused:

You certainly can cancel within 2 weeks. It’s in the terms and conditions and Monzo have confirmed it on here too. It’s the re-signing back up again that I’m not sure about.

I’d suggest starting a new in app chat with the hope of getting someone different that is a little more knowledgeable on Monzo Plus. If you explain the situation I’m sure they can work with you to resolve it :slight_smile:

Here are the T&Cs for reference too:

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Because they have no tools to allow them to do so. They don’t exist yet.

You’re seriously suggesting that Monzo doesn’t have the ability to add this to an account manually?!


The struggle would suggest that though wouldn’t it? I can’t imagine they’re being purposefully obtuse.

Well so far they are saying they can not add it manually and I know 100% I chose to have this option when setting it up. Of course they are saying I didnt. And not wanting to listen to the fact that they could be a glitch in the system. Im surprised at Monzo as support is usually okay not super fast ever but okay. Today they have been rubbish. Taking hours to respond and then not having any answers.

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When I signed up I spoke to support and asked how I would add travel insurance if I wanted to, they just told me to contact them? Sounds like you’ve got a COp that doesn’t know? Maybe @simonb or @BethS can help?

We can’t add it after the subscription is active - we don’t have the tooling yet.

You can cancel your Monzo Plus subscription within the first 14 days though.


Eeek… that’s pretty bad :face_with_monocle:

Not necessarily a question for you but what would happen if you released a new feature tomorrow and I wanted to add that? I assume other add ons won’t realise any until they can be added?


Hi @BethS yes I can cancel but then would I be able to instantly re sign up for Plus ? no one seems to know the answer to this.

@harryru way it is right now from what I am learning if new features come out then no they can not be added at this time.

And they are still to not see this was (is) a glitch in the sign up process as I double checked I had ticked the overseas withdraw funds increase option.

I’ve just had a quick look and can see it’s being looked into :blush:

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@BethS thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @BethS,

Surely at the back end there is a database that holds this info - Plus customers, what they have signed up to, etc.? It sounds like a trivial change from a zero to a one in one of the records :thinking:

If it really is impossible for anyone, including the technical team, to change customer details and subscribed services, then I am baffled as to how this has been implemented!

I imagine it’s possible for people working on the backend to do but that would be a bit chaotic. It’s easier to just say no it’s not possible until a better method with audit trails is in place.

IMO the tooling should be there for launch or at least this aspect made clear before sign up. I like MVP but in this instance it seems a tad rushed.


I think I mentioned this before but MVP is old design speak, the current idea is MAP(Minimum Awesome product).
Audit trails are really important when money is changing hands…

My guess would be that the system/ engine that is running Monzo won’t let anyone just go in and change things around - we might think it is a simple case of changing a switch from “on” to “off” but the actual application of this on the backend (and then the frontend moving forward) may be more complex/ not currently carved out as yet.


I fully accept that but my response would be that the product has clearly been released too soon. If the bank are unable to go in and rectify mistakes, seemingly made by a bug in their sign-up process, then it isn’t ready for production use.