Monzo plus , not much going on with that

Hi , got to say that the monzo plus card / upgrade account , has felt a little bit flat/ not really going away for a bit ,or am I wrong …


There is a whole thread here which explains exactly what’s happening with Monzo Plus: The Big Monzo Plus FAQ


Agree @Theriver, there does not seem to be much public my Monzo for a while. The Tread @Marksummers points has not had any official update for a while, with any clear indications. They went from fortnightly updates to hardly any at all.

Seems to be the last ‘official’ communication which includes:

We’ll launch new paid accounts that give you even more from Monzo. Things like better tools to help you master your money and insurance that gives you real peace of mind while you’re away. Your feedback helped us understand where we didn’t get this quite right last year, and we’re excited for you to see what we’ve created.

That’s all from 9th January mind you.

Yeah to be honest im quite sad that an update hasnt happened. When voting for no updates i wish i was more aware of the size of the team that was involved :laughing:

Considering its all hands on deck and it seems to be only buisness accounts thats putting out any changes recently


I have contacted Monzo to try and find out more about plus and when it will be coming back, they seem to have a scripted response which is there is no date currently and anything we do will be put on the blog,

I want to see the details of the new Monzo plus before going full Monzo as my current account give me interest which I would lose out on by switching now

What you’ve been told is correct. There is no date and updates are posted on here but there hasn’t been anything big in a while. This is because it became hard for Monzo to give any real updates every week because sometimes not much had changed from the prior one. So we (the community) voted to just get juicy updates as and when they’re available.

If you search for ‘Monzo Plus - Weekly Update’ you can read each topic and you’ll be up to speed :slight_smile:

That being said, you do realise that you have to pay for Monzo Plus? Therefore it’s highly likely that you will be paying more than what you would generate in interest. Also, if you have a substantial amount of money, it would be foolish to keep it in a current account anyway :confused: