Monzo Plus Launch?

I see that Monzo stated that Monzo Plus Launch was going to be in the first Quarter, but does anyone know when that is? April?

I’m hoping to get the travel insurance before I go on holiday in June! Otherwise I will have to go with Curve.

April would be the second quarter. If Monzo have said it will launch in in the first quarter that can be anytime between January 1st and March 31st.

Curve aren’t clear, so I could be wrong about them, but these subscription accounts with fin-techs tend to involve a 12 month contractual tie in. I suspect the Monzo Plus resurrection will be no different to the previous version in that regard too.

Why lock yourself into one of these accounts specifically for travel insurance? If you want or need the other features, fine. But if it’s just travel insurance, you can get it fairly cheap as a one-off purchase.

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There’s no news yet on exactly when it will launch and what it will include.

That said if you’ve already booked your holiday then you should already have a travel insurance policy. Travel insurance also covers you before you go away so buy it as soon as you book.



(Someone had to say it.)


Its due to launch this month

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“…another attempt…?”
If those were Tom Blomfield’s words, it hardly sends a positive message. :thinking:


At least it’s humble, Monzo sorely misjudged their last approach (overconfident decision-making).



I usually would get travel insurance separately, however I will be looking at other things too. On the old Monzo Plus, I wanted to join with gadget and travel insurance but it was taken away before I was able to join :sob:

oooh… missed that!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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