Monzo Plus Lagoon Blue ‘Neon’

Hi all,

Just got my monzo plus through and picking a card colour, How ‘Neon’ is the lagoon blue?

There are some user photos in the Monzo Plus thread!

Similar to the Coral I believe. But I imagine not as in your face.

Here is a picture - there are more on the Monzo Plus thread(s)

I’ve got Lagoon Blue too :wave:

Don’t think it’s particularly neon but it is a nice light blue :slight_smile:

Thanks all! I’ve placed my order and gone for the ‘Lagoon’! :+1:t2:

Go to a nightclub, it’s neon :wink:

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Nice choice! I really like Lagoon Blue but Midnight Sky won for me in the end. :milky_way:

One of the hardest life decisions I’ve ever had to make… MIdnight or Lagoon :scream:

I like the individual colour of the Midnight Sky and that was my favourite, but in the days after I got my invite that changed to favour the Lagoon Blue - based simply on the fact the LB wasn’t so much of a contrast to the Hot Coral (Joint Account) card which I’d still be carrying & using. The Midnight Sky was too much of a contrast and so after several photoshop mock-ups (sad, I know) Lagoon Blue won it.

Glad I did, the Hot Coral and Lagoon Blue look great with each other in the wallet;


Very cool combo, I like the thought process! :clap:

Exactly the same thought process as me! :open_mouth:

I had to replace my Midnight Sky one because it was part of the faulty batch so it was a no brainer :slight_smile:

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