Bespoke colour bank card

Has Monzo ever considered offering a range of different colour cards? :upside_down_face:

Yes - they are currently available through Monzo Plus




Choices are Hot Coral :hot_coral_heart: (available as standard to all Monzo users), Midnight Sky :night_with_stars: or Lagoon Blue :desert_island: (these are options for Plus members).

Indeed they have. It’ll cost you £3 per month for 12 months. And if you like it, it’ll be £6 per month thereafter.

Or you can just not renew and keep the card until it expires. Or you can wait a few months, join, and enjoy the benefits it offers.

What’s up with all this negativity in this forum nowadays? It’s not great as it is, we get it. But no one is being forced to sign up

:man_shrugging: Just a counterweight to the positivity, I guess.