Reallly Poor Experience. 2nd class citizens - basic Monzo user

I’m really hating the constant up-selling. Every time I open my Monzo app I’m reminded that there’s all this other stuff I could pay for but don’t have (the blue card literally right next to mine). Emails telling me about a great new feature… oh no - it’s only for the upper tiers.

I’ve been with Monzo since day one, since it was Mondo. I’m a multiple investor, I get that it needs to make money - but this is just making me feel that what I have is the basic free version, not an awesome new way to do banking. I also have a starling account which I opened as an experiment to see what it’s like - I only use it for my pocket money (lotto!) and I have to say, I’m starting to prefer that one.

GET THE BASICS RIGHT - make every single one of your customers feel like they have the best banking in town. Sure, have other stuff you can upgrade to but don’t just make every new innovation another ‘premium’ add on. That’s a great way to disenfranchise and eventually loose a lot of your customer base, the majority of whom I would guess want free banking.

Just my opinion but for a brand that grew from nothing by making all of your existing customers advocates (myself included), I for one would not choose Monzo as my current top pick or recommendation.

What new features have been added that are only for paying customers?

Monzo do get the basics right, that’s what comes with the free account. The add-ons only add to that, none of it is a necessity.

Once Monzo Plus was launched it came with exclusive new features that weren’t available before. After that I don’t recall any new features that have been released and added to it.

I can think of features that have been released since then that are free for everyone to enjoy, but none that have been added behind a paywall unless I’m mistaken?

That’s fair enough. Do you think they shouldn’t bother?

As you are an investor, I assume you’d like them to try and increase their income somehow.


It Monzo doesn’t, you won’t have any kind of bank account with it. Put up and shut up, I imagine is Monzo’s unofficial take on free customers now, like a lot of other banks.


Every bank is a “business” it needs money to make money!. I’m happier here than with any other bank (I’ve tried them all). There this always a choice wether you buy or not.

I’m going to keep a watch on this topic

It has the makings of spinning out of control a bit, so a friendly warning that I will stick it into slow mode if it does

Plenty of reasonable and calm comments thus far though, so keep it up :slight_smile:


Wow, looks like I’ve riled some folks. Calm the heckins down, I’m not laying the boot in - it’s just feedback. I figured this was the place to pass it on. I still love Monzo and want it to improve and be successful.

My point was just that I keep getting nudged and reminded that I should go to a paid account for this other cool stuff. I think it’s great that it’s there and if people want it then great but I don’t think it should impact my daily use as a ‘free’ account.

For those asking, it was prompted by an email today titled " Get our all new budgeting tools - Exclusive to Monzo Plus and Monzo Premium". Are they new or were they always there? I don’t know, I’m on a free account.

That, together with seeing the cool blue card every single time I use the app - right next to my inferior free coral card detracts from my experience. Perhaps those criticizing are on the premium tiers so don’t understand this experience. This is why I’ve raised it.

It’s just feedback and I thinks it’s important information for Monzo to use when thinking about the tone of their comms. Happy Friday everyone!


I’d love to know what these new features are, since Plus came out there hasn’t been any to my knowledge.

Sadly, this seems to be the worst place to pass on feedback because a number of users, for whatever reason, can’t cope with seeing complaints about Monzo. I have never seen people be so defensive of a bank before.


I wouldn’t say that, maybe it’s just because most of your posts are derogatory about Monzo, when asked why you don’t “trust” them, you refused to elaborate and have openly said you don’t have a Monzo account.

Maybe, just maybe, a combination of those things on a forum for Monzo customers is going to result in a response from people, and that response probably isn’t going to agree with you.

I’ve seen some of the biggest defenders of Monzo on here also criticise them when they need to


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You closed the account right. Don’t take this the wrong way but I am genuinely genuinely intrigued as to what keeps you on the forum of a bank you don’t trust?


The only time topics go a bit out of hand is when people exaggerate or don’t provide examples to support what they’re saying.

Constructive criticism is always well received and appreciated. The initial post didn’t hit the mark but the subsequent one below did and is much better :slight_smile:


How exactly i am part of it when that’s my first dialogue with you?

I spoke as somebody who’s sat back and watched your interactions with the community.

The most you’ve said is literally:

oh yes and this:

So all we know is you don’t trust Monzo, you said you’ve told us why before but there’s no evidence of that.

If you don’t want people to offer counter views/opinions to your criticisms of Monzo, you’re hanging around the wrong place.


Many of things I post on aren’t to do with Monzo bank or are things that I experienced myself.

Anyway, this post isn’t about me, it’s about a poor Monzo experience.

I think you can turn these off by going to your notifications settings in app, I believe I read somewhere it falls under the News and Updates toggle :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I cant say the same for the Card in the Carousel in app

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Back on topic…

What you’re saying has already been suggested. You can vote for it in the below topic and read some of the reasoning about why it’s there and some of the pros and cons around it

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It’s odd, because I have upgraded to Plus, but I’ve kept the hot coral card because I think it’s superior to the blue (had so many blue cards over the years!!). I don’t know how that’s going to work when it comes to get a new card (I suspect I may be forced to go blue), but we shall see.

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Aside from categories, there’s nothing extra that would help with budgeting on the premium tiers. Maybe Google Sheets but that involves extra effort anyway.