Feedback: Monzo Plus shows in my accounts

It’s probably a test, because it wasn’t there before, but when I open Monzo I have another card that appears if I scroll left. It seems to be a fairly useless element that promotes Monzo Plus. There is only 1 CTA. It says “Introducing Monzo Plus” and the button just takes me to the Monzo Plus landing page.

As it appears to be a test can I just give some feedback on this so it’s documented?

As a long time Monzo user who has this set up as my main bank I find the random useless category distracting. When I check a payment or send one, the first thing I see is my pink account and then something blue just at the corner of the vision. It’s mildly annoying and if anything turns me off trying Monzo Plus. Maybe you could do a free trial instead and turn it into a subtle element on the page instead? Or promote it on social? I’d like to keep my bank a bank – clean, simple, no distractions, like the Monzo I came to love.

It’s a small corner of a card, exactly how subtle does it need to be?

And if you don’t do social, or you don’t follow Monzo on social? Showing it in-app also costs nothing, whereas social media promotions cost money.

It’s still a bank. Other banks have sections advertising their other products, Monzo is simply doing the same.

It’s a harmless ad.

Haha that’s the problem with “communities”. For every piece of feedback or a suggestion there will be 10 people to tell you just how wrong you are in your thinking. Same thing on MSE forums. I’m with that guy Revels quoted.

I get it, it’s a harmless ad, but it’s the precedent that is worrying. I’ve been watching Monzo do these little A/B tests here and there. A little thing would change and disappear a week later. I’m all for it but not when a company that claims to be user centric does things that are clearly commercially driven – it’s worrying.

How does a “customer centric” hypothesis for this new feature look? “Because users clearly are dying to sign up to Monzo Plus but can’t find it quickly enough we think that slapping on a full section (as in, same level of importance as an account) is a great idea”. That doesn’t make any sense. A commercial hypothesis makes a lot more sense. Other banks do promote their products too, I know. I have 5 million paper letters from NatWest promoting their credit card. I hate them too.

Monzo is a leader in the industry. It shouldn’t do something just because “everyone else is doing it”. This is feedback about one of their tests. If you disagree that’s okay too.


Those two words should not be next to each other. :see_no_evil:

No advert is harmless, they are all annoying even if subtle.

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So we shouldn’t respond to posts, or we should? I’m confused.

Frankly, as a non-Plus user, I don’t find the extra item all that invasive at all, and I’m constantly in the app. That said, if you have a constructive alternative suggestion about how Monzo should promote Plus to its existing customers in-app by all means go ahead. Or perhaps your position is that Monzo shouldn’t promote it at all, because I don’t think that’s an option.

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My only ask would be make the add dismissable. I don’t believe the ad belongs where it is (vs other places in app to put it) - but I think the ‘consumer centric’ version of putting an ad - is reducing the visibility (done via it’s location currently, regardless of my thoughts on UI), and make it dismissable.

If the user can make it go away forever, after declining to upgrade, I think that is appropriate (and have the relevant “upgrade” flow in the accounts view).