Monzo Plus fee from a pot


Spoken to Monzo Twitter, and they’ve said the charge for Monzo Plus comes out of the main account.

Monzo: Is there any plans to allow account charges to come out a specific pot, similar to how standing orders and direct debits can be paid?

It’s been requested a lot and they’ve said it’s something they’ll look at, but no further than that at this stage.

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It just seems odd to not have the feature in the first place.


Well they had to launch some time
I would imagine that this, while a very valid suggestion, was not on the list of blockers

To add on to that how do I know what day monzo plus membership is due… I have left the fiver in a different pot for now

It’s the same day every month (so whatever day you signed up) - or if you signed up on 31st it’ll be the 30th on shorter months.

I’m sure everyone knows this but a workaround is just scheduling a monthly payment from a Pot to coincide with whenever the Plus payment date is. Bit messier in the feed but same effect.

It should probably say somewhere (I can’t see it) but it will be the same data you joined.

Kinda dumb it doesn’t do this already. I’m not a dev, but surely it can’t be that difficult when they already have DD’s, SO’s etc.

Workaround it is for now! Would have thought it was a good demo of their features but hey ho.