Monzo plus early bird discount end date?

How long will the 3 pound offer last for monzo plus please can someone tell us

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12 Months, then will revert to £6 is the current plan

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Sorry i think u have read the question wrong

Don’t thinks that’s what the OP meant. They meant how long until the sign up price will start being £6

Im trying to find out when the 3 pound offer for early sign up will finish

There’s no current end date set :slight_smile:

We’ll let you know when we know!


Yes sorry misread your question, its been a lllloooooooooooooonnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggggg day

@BethS Just discovered MonzoPlus now has a few more features and price increased to £6pm. I had been waiting until the middle of the month before signing up (pay day/bill day etc). Disappointing folk on the Early Bird list didn’t get a heads-up about this otherwise I would have joined prior to the increase. What are the chances of Monzo honouring the earlier offer to those on the early bird list?


I’m afraid I don’t work in that team! I’ll pass this on for you, though.

I queried this in app as still had the £3 early bird in my feed but sign up with £6pm.

They didn’t offer to honour it…

I’m not too interested in signing up myself just yet but can see why this is disappointing.

I’m sure I saw comments from Monzo staff saying notice would be given before the £3 discount would cease, but this doesn’t seem to have been the case.


Sorry that some of you have missed out on the Early Bird offer :pensive:

We wanted to give everyone on the waitlist the chance to sign up and benefit from the £3 monthly offer, so we sent an in-app reminder last week to let you know that the offer was in its last few days. Unfortunately at this stage, we’re no longer able to offer the Early Bird price.

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That’s not entirely true - some people on the waitlist seemed to get the “last few days” notification, but the notification I got last week (see screenshot below, which I also posted in the Monzo Plus thread at the time), made no reference to the offer ending. Luckily I had just been waiting until July 1st to sign up (to align payment with other bills) so it doesn’t affect me.

It disappointing that there was no update from any staff members in the Monzo Plus forum threads that there was an end date in sight, especially given previous comments that people would be able to wait until their pay day after getting the invite.


Yeah, I’ve been humming and harring all week about signing up - and I think it was just the choice of card which was slowing me down (I actually don’t want a new card, but that wasn’t an option - I’ve got 5+ Mon(z/d)o cards already) - I think I got to the final stage of signup on Tuesday and then got distracted with work stuff… But like everyone one else, I didn’t get an indication the early bird offer was coming to an end :frowning:


I didn’t receive a notification about the end either, despite my notification bell being red for no reason a lot of the time :disappointed:


FWIW, you can ignore the new card thing, you just don’t confirm a new card choice at the final stage. I’m actually not sure if you can later decide to get one, I assume if I order a new one it’ll be a Plus card but I don’t want to try at the moment (until the quality issues are fixed, or Investors Plus cards are available).

Why do people always want something for free? Why are Monzo obligated to make customers aware the offer is ending? Customers were aware there was a 50% discount for a limited (and unspecified) time, and had more than six weeks to act on it if they wanted to. If you didn’t act on it, don’t cry foul at Monzo having not made it even easier for you to save money.


I am not asking for something for free, and I like i said, I did sign up to it :blush: I only got the initial invite a couple of weeks ago, and had been waiting for pay day, so I could align my Monzo Plus monthly payment with my other bills - as it is not currently possible for Cops to amend the Monzo Plus billing date.

@Sheri’s comment indicated people got a notification that the offer was in the last few days, I was just pointing out that I didn’t get that notification (others on the other thread posted screenshots showing the difference in the notification vs mine). It had been previously said by staff members that people would be able to wait until pay day, and also that there would be advanced notification of the offer ending, and that they would let us know. I’m just pointing out that on both these fronts it hasn’t necessarily worked out.

Also, I did not have 6 weeks to act on it like you mentioned - I got my invite mid June.


I would also argue that this shows that there’s a disjointed rhetoric surrounding Monzo Plus and baring in mind what tom said about how they’d messed up the offering initially this is just adding problems.

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Though i totally agree that they had every right to increase the price point at any point, i would have definitely been nice to have some sort of notification that the price was going to go up.

I was on the fence about joining plus (literally was on the last confirmation screen) and when i saw they added interest to CA’s i confirmed, only to see the price was £6 rather that £3. If I had known that the price was going to go up, I would have joined earlier.

Again, they are totally in their right :slight_smile: