Monzo Plus: Custom Category Icon Suggestions

Sooooo, I know this is quick, but thought I’d start a thread for new category icon suggestions. (If someone with wiki permissions can make this one, might be cool?)

I’m going to list things as concepts in the main, and specific icons as a secondary point.

I don’t have lots yet but here goes:

  • Working out / gym (concept) - weights, arm flexing, someone stretching (icon)

  • Wine - wine bottle (there’s already a pint and cocktail glass so why not :woman_shrugging:t2:)

  • Jewellery - ring / necklace

  • Cleaning / household - a sponge / spray bottle / kitchen roll

  • Investing - stock market symbol (?)


I’ve made an investing category


Like that

Great idea, good to have a central place for this as I’m sure it’ll come up from time to time!

Things I’ve thought would be nice so far are a pen or pencil, and a sweet.

There is a weight in there btw (on a bar). I have to say I’m pretty impressed with the selection already, they have a good range. It would be nice to see more options at once though. The bar looks and moves nicely… so it would be a shame to change that. But practically speaking, since there are a lot of icons I’ve often forgotten which one I was going for by the time I’ve scrolled through them all to look!

(I’d also like a colour picker for any colour - since we can have up to 50 categories, 8 colour choices is going to give a lot of repetition in many cases. Personally I’d also like to use colours for sections, so, all ‘food’ related categories would be different shades of one colour, for example).

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Wonder if Pastel would work for colours on iOS ?

For those (@Ordog hat hate the tram icon, you can make your own car variant now :smirk:

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I want more pet icons please. Fish :tropical_fish: and dragon/lizard :lizard:

Dog and cat don’t suffice :dog:


Basically if they just look at a standard emoji keyboard set, all though please :sweat_smile: Massive task but that should cover absolutely everything.

Might need some sort of search/filtering though.

I’m so going to do this :joy:

I was going to do a car and motorbike category but there isn’t a :motorcycle: icon.

I was then thinking that I probably should split tax, petrol and all those too but it would get too messy I think.

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Totally agreed re being able to use more colours! Am already finding it limiting and want to do the same as you re all food types, and so on, being the same colour.

I feel like I’m going crazy but what is the weight next to? I’ve just scrolled through extremely slowly twice and couldn’t see it :persevere:

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It’s in amongst the various balls, with smoking and speedy wheelchair user on the left, and cyclist and bus/car on the right.

Huh. So I think I’ve got a bug then?

Uh oh. It’s not an android/ios parity issue is it? Surely not :grimacing:.

I’m on Android and I have the dumbell icon.


Hot take - the emoji icon list is pretty universal and covers a very high degree of needs. Why not allow either Emojis to be the category icon, or a sillouette version to have the holo background?

The tricky thing is organising them (that infinitely long swipe for category is going to be a real pain soon…) but again Emoji does a great job of bundling.


Agree with this hugely.

Nice feature but what about Apply to all transactions option? Will be really useful

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No - I have the same

Good Ol App Parity @Ordog

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Hoping this is inadvertent rather than deliberate difference :persevere:

There’s only a :tropical_drink: icon and not a :beer: one. I have a category to track how much I’m spending in the pub and at the supermarket on alcohol.

I’d even settle for a :skull_and_crossbones:

I’ve got this one (below) I’m using for pubs(?), and then the cocktail one for bars/clubs.

I am sadly using the smiley face for alcohol at the supermarket but would kill for a wine/generic booze bottle for that actually.