Custom category icon — Monzo Plus

I’ve been making good use of Monzo Plus, especially the custom categories.

Just some feedback on this feature — I’m no expert on improvements, but hope someone understands my UX.

When creating a new category, you have to click “create” and you’re taken to this part of this process with the pallets & icon slider.

The small grey icons are great, but I’m not sure what some of them mean. It would be good if emoji’s could be placed on the slider instead of icons (assuming these little icons have been designed by monzo?)

I don’t know if it’s possible — but based on what you write in the title box, could the icon not auto suggest an icon best suited? Obviously this isn’t to everyones taste.

On using the slider, I’m there for ages trying to find a suitable icon.

As for the colour slider — I’m sure the colour options are there for a reason, but I’d love to see solid colours — ref, blue green. Not just the options currently on offer.

I’m sure someone understands what I’m referring to and can make sense of it.


Yeah the slider for icons is a horrible UX when they could so easily open up to a large grid where you could just see and choose.

Re the colours I don’t minddddd the gradient per se but my main issue is the lack of colours. We’re allowed up to 50 custom categories but there are only 8(I think?) colours…not very helpful for maintaining visual distinction, even with grouping certain custom cats together.


My OCD hates custom categories!
Only for one simple reason…they icon is a gradient colour whereas the default categories are a flat colour. Nightmare! :joy:

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