Monzo Plus British Airways -10% offer

Hi, received an offer through the Monzo Plus tab for a 10% discount on any British Airways flight I book over £200. Decided to proceed. The instructions in the email were to use the promotional code provided by clicking on the email.

Tried this, but the results were not positive:

So decided to use the in-app link instead. Did everything I was instructed to do (though the authentication via notification didn’t work, since I was already using a tab within the app, and the app was unable to take me to the authentication page, so I used SMS authentication instead).

Completed the journey. The payment went through. Was never asked to enter a promotional code. I suspected that since I’d actually made the booking and submitted the payment through a tab in the app, this would certainly have been automatically added - so nothing to worry about. However, I was charged the full amount, and I’m not sure why? Nowhere was it mentioned that the rebate would occur later. Do any of you have any experience of this?

Anyone any clues?

The link in the first screenshot is intended to be used on a mobile device with the Monzo app installed - it’ll open the Monzo app after you press the link.

It seems the link in the email opens the Monzo app to start the process / booking.

Seems it wouldn’t be possible to use a computer unless they gave out the promo codes separately.

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@TTJJ, thank you for your quick reply. Much appreciated. What you’re saying matches the experience I had, so I’m glad I restarted the journey in the app, which feels like it ought to have worked.

However, now, still confused about what no discount was applied. It was a good offer, so well worth taking advantage of. However, the 10% discount is the only reason I paid with Monzo rather than Amex, and if there’s some technical reason why the discount can’t be applied, I’d want to cancel. I’ve raised a chat in the app, but am aware they can take a while to respond.

Can you do that? id be surprised if you could just cancel a flight booking because you want to, never had that experience before myself.

Yes you can usually cancel for free within 24 hours of booking.


When you book using the website there’s an option to enter a promotional code just before you enter passenger details. Tried it a few days ago and it applied the discount before I checked out. Probably best to contact British Airways, they might still be able to apply the code for you.

Tbh, I wouldn’t book flights with a debit card, even if there is a 10% discount. I’d be wanting Section 75 protection afforded by a credit card.


Thank you all for weighing in. There was no option to enter a promo code. I’m now wondering whether it had something to do with the fact that I part booked using Avios - though wouldn’t expect so, since no contrary conditions were specified. At this point, it would be useful actually to hear from Monzo - rather than spend an anxious evening waiting for them.

@Monzo, any suggestions?

If you go to the plus tab then offers it shows a promo code there. No option at the checkout to enter it?

Ah, I think I’ve found where this has gone wrong. If you book using the app you’re only given the option to use an eVoucher. If you pay using the website you’re given the option to use an eVoucher OR promo code.

I don’t think there’s anything Monzo can do now since the booking is with BA, but they may offer to credit you the money anyway. BA will be able to help you cancel and rebook or may even apply the voucher retrospectively.

Mobile app:


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Nope. Nothing. Feeling increasingly stressed about the matter :anguished:

Hi @RichardL, thank you for your response. I wasn’t given the option to enter any kind of promotional code. It’s easy to wonder whether I somehow fell foul of the terms and conditions, given that companies like Apple usually have many pages, and this only had six bulletpoints.

I’ve chased the chat, but no response as yet. Meanwhile, there were only two seats left at this price, so it would be helpful if they were to respond soon.

I’m becoming increasingly irritated. Two hours and no response. It feels like this is the offering:

“Monzo Plus: Use our offers, and then spend the next few hours trying to make sense of what’s happened, with little hope of getting through to us”


Monzo chat is closed isn’t it until tomorrow 7am?

At 8:40 in the OP support would have been shut.

Given the timing, I would be tempted to cancel the flight and get a refund under the 24 hour policy.

In the terms, the way it’s worded suggests (to me at least) is that the offer is in the form of a statement credit (Accumulated spend, reverse credit if cancelled etc).

But the Monzo offer page sounds like it’s just a code. Maybe it’s a code that eventually becomes a statement credit?

That said though - the terms do talk about payment being made wholly on a MasterCard - I wonder if the use of avios invalidates that term?


At least they put a new offer on though! :clap:
Baby steps

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Not much use, though, if it doesn’t work as advertised, or if the Ts&Cs are unclear.

Still no answer from Chat - other than that I’m in the queue for a specialist team, that the answer will likely take longer than 24 hours, and that they won’t see any further messages I send them in the meantime.

Chat was still closed then

Doesn’t seem like a great time to be trying to get people to use a debit card for flights.

Thank you for the information. I must admit that I hadn’t really been keeping up to date with Chat operating times. It’s something you only need when you actually need it. They did send me a holding message after I chased at around 4:30 this morning. And the specialist team has now responded that they’ve begun looking at this.