Monzo Plus British Airways -10% offer

Honestly, just cancel the booking, and rebook with the 20% discount in todays (groan) Daily Mail.

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Thank you for sharing, @lpoolrob. I obviously hadn’t seen this yet. Does anyone here have the code?

From googling it, they look to be individual.

I’m afraid I don’t know if it is a unique code per physical paper, other than the offer exists I’m afraid. Also it is not valid for First Class, but business and lower should be ok :+1:

It’s BAspecial


Thank you for helping me with this additional information. I see @RichardL has just shared a code, which I’ll try, else I would have had to buy a Daily Mail for the first time in my life - or ask my mum!

No, was intending to travel Economy - just quite far, which made the discount worthwhile.

Also check the prices are not 20% more expensive than they were yesterday too!

The code is on the screen that pops up when you press the offer in the plus tab.

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By the way thank you @lpoolrob for the heads up on the Daily Mail code.

I was due to go to a wedding in Jamaica this year but it was pushed to next year. I refused BA’s rebooking and voucher so was looking to rebook with the Monzo code, but I wanted to wait and see BA’s Black Friday offering to combine discounts. The Daily Mail 20% is a great offer, the code expires before Friday, but I’m happy with the price I managed to get, even if it does end up being cheaper on Friday.

The code has saved us £250 and all in all it’s worked out as being £200 cheaper than our old booking and I’m also now 1/3 of the way to my BA Amex welcome bonus.

I did also notice this, so this is confirmed:

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I didn’t get a field in which to input it. It’s possible as @BritishLibrary suggests that this is because I booked using Avios. However, the Ts&Cs said only that the full amount had to be paid upfront using a MasterCard - so if that’s the case, then the Ts&Cs were insufficiently clear

But if it says “You must enter this code” and you don’t enter the code, you can’t expect the discounted price?

No field was presented in which to enter the code. And the only reason I booked the flight and used my Monzo card was to benefit from this offer.

In which case, if you couldn’t enter a code, why did you proceed?

Hopefully you can cancel and use the better offer.

It feels like we have different expectations regarding the level of sophistication that such a journey should have, and how attribution works. There was never any question in my mind until after I’d completed the journey and been charged the full amount:

  1. I opened the offers on the Monzo Plus tab in the Monzo app
  2. Then clicked to activate the BA offer, which loaded the BA site onto a tab within the Monzo app

Surely it’s not too much to expect that this would work, and that the discount would be applied?

Here’s the journey I’ve recreated - and I’ve swiped up, so the App Switcher clearly shows that I was still within the Monzo app:

(Post edited to remove the discount code)


If it didn’t tell you to add a code, I would agree. But it’s right there on the first page.


Now everyone has the 10% off code because you’ve shown it in your screenshot :sweat_smile: :wink:


Honestly, it’s the worst kept secret in the world:


Interesting to note that all Monese account holders also benefit from the same 10% BA discount.

As such, I suspect the decision to limit it to Plus and Premium accounts is by Monzo alone to the disadvantage of their standard account customers.

BA will just be grateful for any extra business/cashflow

Relevant to this thread, is that HfP are saying any card can be used to benefit from the discount - you don’t need to use a Monzo/Monese debit card

Same for a virtual card with Monese. Only issue with them is if you think the Monzo CS is slow think again…

I wonder how these kind of deals are negotiated?

I’d be asking whether Monese have really got this promotion for “free” or whether they’re footing the bill. Whereas Monzo (as they normally do) don’t offset the cost of things which is likely why it’s part of Plus.

Makes you wonder why it’s just these two banks too.