Monzo Plus Auto export transaction is not working again

So yet again for the third time now my google sheet which monzo exports my transactions to has stopped updating meaning that I have to budget manually. Its annoying seeing as I have just paid my monthly monzo plus bill solely to use this feature.

I have tried unlinking and relinking my google account as is the first solution Monzo always suggests, ignoring the fact that I shouldn’t have to do this as it defeats the point of having an automatic budget if I have to rebuild the sheet every time! It doesn’t even fix the problem becuase I just tested it and the balances still wont update. Am I supposed to de-link and relink my account after every purchase?

This is the third time this has happened and its really starting to get on my nerves because being able to use a spread sheet that automatically updates instantly is the one thing that Monzo has on any other bank. Its the only reason I bank with them and they cant even give me something I am paying for which lets be honest should be free in first place.
Details to reproduce:
OS: Android 13
Device: Pixel 4a
App Version: 5.2.0


Have you reached out to chat :eyes:

You’re supposed to fill out this part too. It helps so they can try and replicate it at their end or it will identify that you’re not on the latest version of the app for example.

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I have contacted monzo directly if thats what you mean and usually they take a few days to tell me they dont know why its happening and just rebuild the sheet from scratch which I do and it fixes it but then it will happen again the next week and im sick of rebuilding my sheet and not being able to trust the financial information its telling me especially since this is a service im paying for.

I wouldnt even have to use this service if there budgeting system in their app wasnt so poorly designed.

I think what’s happening here is the sheet is running out of rows to update. When you get to the end does it have sufficient blank ones?

If you add in say, 1000 blank rows, does it keep auto updating without issue?

We never got an answer to this, the posts are spread far and wide


Ah yes (this was the post I had in mind)

Hopefully some of it will help the OP, and/or help Monzo fix the issue.


He seems to ignore it and just post in another thread though. I’m 99% sure that’s what the problem will be.

If it was a Monzo problem there would be other bug reports by now.


Hi, I just checked and google sheets only support a maximum of 40 000 rows. I am using 40050 rows. I could delete the earliest transactions but that wouldnt matter as im assuming it would just repopulate when the sheet gets updated with another transaction.

If they just added a balance field to the sheet I could keep a running balance of my account without having to sum the whole column of transaction figs.

I know it might seem like a petty thing to complain about but its the only reason I pay for premium and premium is the only reason I bank with monzo.

I dont want to be ‘that guy’ but if this is the only reason you have premium, you may wish to consider plus - £5 v £15 and you can still do that.

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@lobbyskids2 where are you seeing the 40,000 row limit? It looks like that maybe used to be the case, but isn’t anymore? :thinking:

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Ctrl+Shift+arrow down in A1

Then the box to add more rows box should appear.

1,048,576 rows is the max.

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Just to bump this thread, I’m having the same issue as OP. Transactions not appearing or taking ages to update or export.

Most frustrating issue at the moment is that when I change the category of one of yesterday’s transactions it refuses to update in the google sheet, meaning my budget spreadsheet is completely useless.

I remember this happened last year and it was something at the Monzo end, which they were able to rectify. Not sure if Monzo are aware of have aknowledge the issue this time but would be great if they could advise :slight_smile:

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Have you run out of rows?

There was an issue last summer that caused a problem with the sheets while all the trends data was updated, but this (and the other thread linked/posts by OP) aren’t Monzo issues.

Did check this, plenty of empty rows at the bottom. It does look like transactions are updating slowly, there’s been a steady trickle of updates over the last couple of hours but some taking longer than others.

It looks like we might have some backed up transactions as we’re not exporting as fast as we’re getting new ones. I’ll see if we can get it cleared and have the updates come through in real time again! Thanks for flagging


Brill, thanks for your responses guys much appreciated!

We’ve fixed an issue that was causing a few accounts to block up the queues. Should be back to real time updates now :crossed_fingers:

Best of all, we got some good data of what this type of issue looks like, which makes it easier for us to alert on and spot in the future! Thanks again for reporting


Yer they managed to fix the issue for me after I originally posted this but the issue has just come back.

I think I made an error. I’m using the £5 service.

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