Monzo Plus Auto export transaction is not working again

So yet again for the third time now my google sheet which monzo exports my transactions to has stopped updating meaning that I have to budget manually. Its annoying seeing as I have just paid my monthly monzo plus bill solely to use this feature.

I have tried unlinking and relinking my google account as is the first solution Monzo always suggests, ignoring the fact that I shouldn’t have to do this as it defeats the point of having an automatic budget if I have to rebuild the sheet every time! It doesn’t even fix the problem becuase I just tested it and the balances still wont update. Am I supposed to de-link and relink my account after every purchase?

This is the third time this has happened and its really starting to get on my nerves because being able to use a spread sheet that automatically updates instantly is the one thing that Monzo has on any other bank. Its the only reason I bank with them and they cant even give me something I am paying for which lets be honest should be free in first place.
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Have you reached out to chat :eyes:

You’re supposed to fill out this part too. It helps so they can try and replicate it at their end or it will identify that you’re not on the latest version of the app for example.

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