Monzo Metal Price query

Just a quick one, a mate of a mate has a Monzo metal card, now usually that’s £15 a month. Supposedly there’s a police discount, any idea? Wouldn’t be surprised if it was to socially justify blowing £15 on a packaged account. Who cares anyway

I’m not aware of any discounts Monzo offer on their premium accounts. Police, NHS, essential workers, students or anything like that.


Wasn’t a discount available so far as I was aware, but it’s not exactly uncommon for companies to have offers for emergency services.


Must just pay it, £15 a month for just a METAL card. Jeez, talk about pathetic status symbols. I imagine employer provides the various insurance.

I’m confused. If you don’t think it’s worth £15 p/mth then don’t pay it?


I won’t be doing, just wondered if any other employers had discounts if the Police supposedly did, Cheers though.

You’re also not “just paying £15 for a metal card”.

If you scroll down on this page you will see the comparison table of all features from each account type :slight_smile:


Well done for changing my mind :slight_smile:
Soon:tm: though will be a while barely eligible for Monzo thus far

From what we can tell there are no discounts.


At Lloyds bank you can get £21 + £3 /month plan with NO metal card :sweat_smile: and that’s pricy :grimacing:

It depends on what service pack you actually NEED :thinking:

I need :monzopride: Plus, so paying for it :grin:
As I don’t need Premium, I don’t order it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well, you started the thread, and seem most concerned at what others may pay…?


So you wanted to know if your mate who’s in the police is paying less than the £15, but you aren’t in the police and you don’t want Monzo Premium at £15 (or at any price?)…

If the police got £10 discount and they paid £5 monthly is that an incentive to join the forces or justifying someone else spending their money?

Totally confused the point of this thread :sweat_smile:


Just curious because it wouldn’t only be the police, a hell of a lot of other professions would be included also. Meaning it’d be something I could share with others.

Think some one is taking the proverbial, as just asked a family member who works in the NHS and have a blue light card and she just said nothing on their for Monzo and never has been, as it would have been advertised.

Ask them to show you proof of the discount…


Thanks Andy that’s what I thought. Sweet, cheers.

Correct. MrsW is NHS, with a :large_blue_circle: light card and no :monzo: offers have ever shown.

I’m not aware of any discounts that would reduce the monthly Plus/Premium amount payable. I’d have found them by now if there were, being both (a) actively watching for such offers and (b) as tight as a duck’s a__e


This was the point of my thread, as my debit card and wallet is as tight as the arse of a duck.

Still haven’t got a clue as to the point of this thread. If Monzo offered a discount to submarine mechanics, they wouldn’t have to also offer it to airplane mechanics. But it also wouldn’t really affect anyone who’s not a submarine mechanic. I don’t know, I guess my comment is as pointless as this topic


Retrospectively I agree it was a lapse in judgement, is the internet and I made a useless thread, meh.

There is no such thing as police discount on Monzo Metal cards. Not sure where that came from.

Unless this is a very new development that hasn’t been announced across the company, but I doubt so