Monzo Plus and Monzo Loan Payments Come out of a Pot

Good morning all!
I love Monzo. It helps me budget and keep control of my money. I use pots to keep money in for direct debts to come out of, I use virutal cards, linked to pots holding money for my subscriptions.
The only automated payments I have, that do not come out of pots are Monzo Plus and Monzo Loan payments. How do I do that?:blush:
Cheers everyone!

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Same place you set up direct debits. It’s the button below that says Monzo Payments :). Just plus you can’t do. Only the loan

There are some steps kindly put together here:

As mentioned above, you can’t do this for Monzo Plus yet

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You can pay your loan from pot, just head to pot you want it to come from and then add the payment in the usual way.

As for Plus/Premium, not available at this time :worried:

Thank you all for your help! :blush: Worked beautifully!..Looks like I forgot how to set the direct debts to come out of a pot :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
I’ll wait for Monzo to release the feature to do this with the plus payments :muscle: