Pay loan from pot

Monzo offered me a loan so I was able to consolidate a few credit cards etc. However there is no way for me to “pay from pot” like a normal direct debit!

This would be SO HELPFUL!

It’s such a basic request an all you’d of thought it would’ve been built in from the very start.

Yup! It’s so frustrating. 99% of my direct debits come out on the first of the month - loan included. And due to the “pay from pot” system I never have to think about it. But sometimes I log in and I’m hundreds down from where I expect and it’s because of my loan! No problem, I’ll just move the money I have set aside across but it should be automated.

Now that my 1st payment has gone out I’m going to try a IFTTT to see if I can get it to go from my bills pot next month

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Is there anything in the works to be able to pay our loan repayments from a Pot alongside our Direct Debits

This feautre has already been suggested. You can vote for it here:


It’s not getting many votes but would be great if this was progressed.

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Set up a scheduled pot disbursement, It should replicate the functionality