New Plus Account GPay Issue

Have just received my Monzo Plus card and have added it to GPay. But, it’ll only set it up for online payments, there’s an issue setting it up for contactless for use in shops.

I’ve removed and added again but the same issue. I can’t even find chat in the help section in the app any more, just help topics, has chat been removed?

Is anyone else struggling with this?

To contact support type in ‘contact support’ if there’s no help article for your problem

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This happened to me.
I removed my old Monzo card and the new Plus card, then added the Plus card again.
All working now :+1:

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You have to remove the old card as a contactless payment method first then it works. I had the same issue and was confused for a while!

Nice specific, helpful error message from Google :upside_down_face:

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Thanks all, that worked :+1:t3:

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