Monzo .apk?

Anyone know if there is a safe .apk to sideload Monzo on my chromebook plus? (I’m going dumbphone and unplugging from the matrix)

I really don’t want to be downloading a finance app from a random source…

Want a secure domain download. Or does Monzo have a web app?



There’s no official apk location, some people do upload it to apk mirrors but nothing official.

There’s a basic web interface but it’s really just for emergency use to freeze your card


APK Mirror links are often shared in the beta channel changelog thread… Monzo for Android - Beta Channel Changelog

May be worth speaking to one of the regular contributors on the thread?


While your decision to switch to a “dumbphone” is admirable, I was to understand Monzo was designed for those to manage their account on their phones. That aside, does your Chromebook support Android apps? Mine does but I haven’t tried putting Monzo on as it just logs out on my phone.


Sadly Monzo don’t allow installing the app from the play store on a chromeos device :sob:

I was going to sideload it in but that means putting chromeos In developer mode which I can’t be bothered with the hassle of.

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Yeah mine does support android, but it says it’s not compatible with my device (chromebook plus) I can sideload apps through dev mode but something like Monzo and finance feels like something you want to be sure of the source you are downloading from (i.e. official site)

on the dumbphone thing I want to just keep tech separate and do all my app stuff on my chromebook and not have the constant stimulation (and therefore need to be stimulated) in my pocket at all times. It’s not doing my attention span and “depth” of thought any good.

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It’s actually really easy, and well worth it. As it’s chrome OS most things are backed up, it’s only local files (i.e. downloads) that you will need to save to cloud.

Thanks, I’ll give it a go. Be sad to not be able to use Monzo properly, Just got my wife on it!

How secure are these apk mirrors? Any idea?

I’ve done it before but just didn’t like the compromise in security for it. My chromebook is due to get Linux support soon so I’m just waiting for that instead

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Well they are uploaded by members of the Monzo Community and I don’t believe they would do anything to compromise the integrity of the app or it’s security neither I nor Monzo can say that for certain


Hey Nexusmaniac,

First of all, YES. 8-bit would look crazy good and facilitate the showing off of a Monzo card for ambassadors trying to convince friends and family to join.

Secondly, I am now going “dumbphone” (to a point) and would love to have Monzo on my Chromebook via a sideloaded .apk

Is there anywhere I can get an official Monzo .apk? I see there are mirrors around but it’s not something you really want to mess around with.

I love Monzo, to the point where I have got the wife on it and we have a joint account with pots set up etc - I just (now) need the ability to manage my account somehow and I’m now treating my chromebook as my “hub” to sit down and do some actual tech stuff - rather than have access to constant stimulation all the time (and therefore the need to be stimulated…) It’s not doing the old attention span and depth of thought any good.

Hope you guys can help, Monzo is awesome.

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With the exception of 2.21.0, I have uploaded all of the Monzo APKs to APK Mirror :slight_smile:

With APK signing, etc. It’s hard to mimic an app to the point at which it would update. But installing from scratch offers limited to no protection. However I know that these APKs are safe for your use :slight_smile:

I can honestly say that nothing happens between me getting an update & grabbing the APK to uploading it to APK mirror :grin: If you find a Monzo APK anywhere else online I’d definitely steer clear.

Here’s the latest version:

Though there’s an update planned today :eyes: So keep an eye out on the beta changelog thread :wink:


Would Bluestacks work?

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Yep, you are correct - won’t let me put it on my Chromebook!

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Would it work on linux? My chromebook can run linux…

Do the mirrors update through the store then? meaning I don’t have to re-install through apk everytime?


Yep, regardless of whether you installed via an apk or the store it’ll still receive updates via the play store :grin:

That is unless your device is not supported. Then you’ll need to manually update via an apk file :+1: