Monzo not been very helpful

I have never had a issue with Monzo but the customer service Chat is Awful
My card was stolen out of my house by 1 of 4 friends
Yes stupid enough my fiends no my PIN number it’s always been the same even with other banks they have used my card before when they have been the shop for me
Now £380 has gone out of my account by what I thought was a friend Monzo was quick at replying at first then just ignored me since been on the phone to them to make a complaint and a manager offered me £30 credit via email What’s £30 out of £380
Shocking customer service

Are you serious?

Your fault for letting people KNOW your PIN.


Thing is tho it’s still fraud someone used my card without my concent

Thing is tho, the bank might claim you were negligent, and so contributed to the fraud.


In the eyes of any bank - when you give someone your PIN number you’re giving them consent to use your card.


Yes, I’m afraid that any bank will take the fact that you haven’t kept your PIN secret as relieving them of liability. Knowledge of the PIN is authorisation to use the card.

As a result, customer service appears to be right on target I’m afraid.


How are you expecting the bank to take responsibility for something you done wrong ? I mean, sharing your PIN number with someone is a consent that they can have access to your funds.


I mean, this is great entertainment for a Sunday…



Have you contacted the police? No bank will help you as you’ve been negligent with your details


It’s more a valuable life lesson. Don’t give your friends (or anyone not associated with your account) access to your bank account.


Lesson here is NEVER give anyone your pin, your lucky you got £30 from Monzo as they are not obliged to cover for your error.


That was my initial thought. It might have been an ex gratia payment for poor customer service, though.


That’s really bad luck, but as others have said you should never tell anyone your pin number for this very reason.

Monzo were kind in giving you £30 back.

Take it as a harsh lesson in why is necessary to keep pin numbers and passwords private.

Edit: and I think you need to choose your friends more carefully!

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Shocking customer service? I am shocked by your negligent behavior.


Sorry to hear this. Have you frozen the card? :snowflake:

Where did the £380 go? Into another bank or Monzo account? In both cases, perhaps contact the bank with full details (full name of your friend/date/time/amount etc.) You should be able to see quite clearly on your feed where this money has gone to.

Unfortunately I agree with other posters that Monzo were kind to issue you £30 as they were under no obligation to do so. As you were negligent with your bank details, responsibility lies with you I’m afraid.


Anyone want to make £15? Just need to give me your card and pin.


If you leave your key on your door mat or leave your door unlocked, and then get burgled, would you expect your contents insurance to cover you? I’d expect not.

It’s your responsibility to take care of the security of your own account - security in any consumer-provider relationship is a shared responsibility model.

Monzo is not responsible for you handing out your PIN, it’s your responsibility to keep that secret not theirs.


You can take a horse to water and all that…

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£30 is more than generous from Monzo, considering it was your own fault for revealing your PIN to others.