Monzo not been very helpful

@Nooney165, sorry to hear about your troubles.

However, there doesn’t seem to be any doubt that this is your fault. I don’t think any of the other banks would have given you even as much as Monzo did. Hopefully this will prompt you to change the PIN on all your cards - and to freeze your card whenever you leave it unattended.

Incidentally, what did they spend the money on?

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I mean, you gave others your PIN. What did you expect? (Also, how can these people be your friends if they steal your card?!)

Underrated selling point of Monzo here. They’ve got your money, but at least you’ll have rich transaction data so you can see the thief is having a good time.

Good luck with life pal, you’re going to need it.


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The terms and conditions you agree to when you open your account also say this


Friends ain’t supposed to steal knew them a number of years and one of them has done it never think you can’t trust you’re friends but clearly not
Don’t no who or what the money was spent on just no I’m down 380

What does the transaction on your monzo feed say?

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This thread is going nowhere and should just be closed tbh.


You gave your pin to someone else regardless of who they are, that is negligent and not covered.

You will not get your money back under any circumstances as you gave your pin to someone else.

This is not just Monzo this is pretty much any bank in the world.

This is not a Monzo issue, you need to go to the police

We are not Monzo we are just users like you.


I mean, I trust my friends. I’ve known a couple of them for 2 decades now. Still wouldn’t give them my PIN number. It’s just not a normal thing to do imo.

I really think you need to chalk this one to experience.


I trust my friends but I still don’t think I’d give all of them my PIN number.

How do you know they’ve not told other people what your PIN is?


£30 for the card issue, or £30 to compensate you for the bad customer service so they can close your complaint?

It sounds like the latter.

Also, the comments in this thread are vile. A customers posts about Monzos CS issues and you attack him and ignore the primary issue brought up by the poster, that the customer service was completely lacking.


What are the customer service lacking?

It’s a weekend and is the OP bumping the replies, maybe they go on the last replied and therefore the OP’s support request keeps going down the queue.

Sorry but this isn’t a CS issue it’s the mistrust in friends.

£30 for nothing… nice gesture


Might be for bad CS advice. They gave me £25 recently, so it’s sort of in the right ballpark, if so.

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Did the quick replies stop when your issue was escalated?

Are you kidding? Even Monzo have said their CS is quite lacking.

OP said themselves, they tried CS, got a reply and were ignored. This seems to be standard for Monzo for many queries. At least he got through on the phone.

Monzo should be able to give a clear reply to this issue and resolve it without disappearing on them.

Its a CS issue. That’s what this topic is about.

£30 for stopping the complaint.

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The £30 doesn’t stop the complaint, it’s a goodwill gesture but you are also clearly informed you can still make a formal complaint to the regulators, how to do that and a reference number


Do you know something we don’t? :thinking:


You can always do that regardless. £30 doesn’t remove your right to a ombudsman complaint. Though it would be curious to find out if it makes it more difficult for that complaint to be successful.

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This is going round in circles now and is well off the original topic. Bizarre theories about £30 payments don’t help anybody so let’s leave it there.

As ever, is available for resolving account queries.