Monzo not Travelodge? (Edit: it is!)

My partner just tried to use her Monzo card to pay for a Travelodge booking online and was told by their system it was an unacceptable method of payment - So had to use other means.

Are there *still problems with payment providers? Haven’t come up with this for a while - Then again, have never had to book with Travelodge before either… :grimacing:

I have booked and paid using my card quite a few times, there was no issue for me.

She had three options for card type: Mastercard Credit, Visa and American Express. The Mastercard Credit option didn’t work. Do you remember if there was Mastercard Debit option when you paid?

I don’t sorry, I just put card and it worked.

Do Travelodge have 3D Secure, maybe she missed that if they do?

MasterCard debit is definitely an option for me and this fake booking i’ve flown through


Just went to do it myself and realised she pressed the credit card dropdown… :man_facepalming:t2:

Thanks to all that replied!


Seems like poor user experience to me. Surely the system would be able to work out if the card is debit or credit from the first six numbers of the long card number?


Most sites normally do that

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Yes, I agree. I can’t remember having to select credit or debit…

This is a layover from when they charged fees for credit cards and didn’t for debit. They could probably merge into a single entry for credit and debit cards generally, but it was probably easier for the processing fee to be set to zero or turned off.

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