Real Time Pots Balance - External App


I manage my monthly budget by splitting my money into various Monzo Pots. I’d like to use the API so that my partner can see what the pots balances are in real time without having to log into the Monzo App (as it kicks me out). Getting a joint account is not an option.

I have 0 technical skills but I’d like to use this opportunity to learn how to use API’s. Any recommendations on where to get started?

I’ve played around with it but so far can’t even get my pots to show up.


When you say zero technical skills, are you downplaying your ability and you know you’ll be able to pick it up quickly? Or are you starting from a very low base?

If you pay for Plus (£5 p/m) you can get the google export and then you can share a Google Sheets file that will update with everything and you can both see what’s in pots/accounts/payments etc. This is very easy to set up. You could link one sheet to another (locked one) so that your partner could only see the pots and not everything that comes and goes to and from your account.

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Alternatively I believe you can be logged into one Android and one Apple device at a time, so if you have access to an alternative phone you could be logged in twice.

How have you been interrogating the API at the moment? Assume using something like postman.

Hate to be a pain but has someone posted a tutorial before? I never knew it was possible, I just thought the Google exports just basically notes down all transactions

This is a good place to start

If you’re stuck, I’ll help you with it

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Thanks! I’m gonna give it a go as it looks great

That’s great thanks, I’ll let you know how it goes

Are you sharing a single account? You shouldn’t be doing that.

I know nothing about coding, but I reckon I could pick up enough to get this done quite quickly.

I’ve got Plus, wanted to use the API to get real time info.

It’s real time with the export too.

No. It’s my account, I just want to let my partner know what in the pots without me having to check several times a day.

Yes, but I want to use the API to pull the data without me having to download the excel sheet each time.

I use my pots as budgets, so I’ll get asked nearly daily how much is in the x pot (takeout, shopping etc). I dont want to have to check my phone each time. I want it so my partner can see how much is in each pot without me having to check my phone.

(now that I have Plus I may just categorise my spending and get the API to track what I’ve spent per category vs the budget)

I have no idea what that means I’m afraid.

Thanks, I’ll see if we’ve got a spare android around.

You don’t have to download anything.

You wouldn’t need to check your phone. Give the link to the Google sheet to your partner and they’ll be able to check it whenever they want. The sheet auto updates.

It’ll take far less time and effort than the API

@Revels Ah right the penny has now dropped. This is awesome I’ll have a play around with this! Thank you.

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Just to note if you use virtual cards from pots then it doesn’t play nicely!