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Something like this for Monzo would be awesome…



It looks like a developer’s already made a start at this :thumbsup:

there’s this Chrome extension too from @DanGraf but there’s no screenshots & I’ve not installed it to see what it looks like…

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Hola !

In the Monzo Hackathon 3 Dan Hobson and I worked on browser extensions as linked above - I’ve got some screenshots of my Safari one in this post . We did them before the change to the authentication method happened so they’ll need some update to auth properly using the current method.

Feel free to clone and mod :slight_smile:


I know it’s just website explaining things, but still, makes me itch: :tired_face:


Hi Marta,

I am one of the creators of Balance. We have launched in the US and our plan is to come to the UK later this year. The first UK bank we’ll be integrating with is Monzo!

We totally agree on the SSL—sorry about that. It looks our host Siteground had some issues with Letsencrypt which I am fixing right now.

If anyone would like to get on the beta for the UK launch, please email me on




Strange. We’re not seeing the SSL issue on our end. We are currently getting this report from our new site host Digital Ocean:

Marta could you let me know your build of Chrome?

ISRG Root X1 isn’t a trusted root authority in Chrome 56

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Got it. We’ll look into this. Just to be clear, I’m not the engineer here. Just chipping in as we just discovered this post :slight_smile: I’ll get back with more detail when our engineer is awake (timezones!).

Interesting that I see HTTPS working.

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@ricburton Hello, I see no issues right now. It could have been temporary hiccup, I never came back to your website until today.

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@ricburton I was also seeing the issue but not any more.

@alexs @Avishai thanks everyone. Even though our marketing site is all static content, we obviously take this stuff incredibly seriously. Our backend is hosted on Google App Engine which I believe has SSL included.

Here’s some information we include in the signup flow for Balance:

We do not store your login information on your Mac or on our servers. We use, a service which provides infrastructure to companies like Venmo and PayPal.

Your details are sent directly and securely to them. Plaid makes a copy of your transaction history and then gives Balance read-only access to that information. We cannot log in to your online bank or move your money.

We will never sell your data to third parties or use it to recommend financial products to you.

Your login information is sent using SSL to Plaid’s API. They have direct integrations with several banks and have partnered with Intuit to access a long tail of thousands of institutions. Plaid retrieves as much transaction history as possible and gives us a read-only access token.

We store this token on your Mac’s keychain, and Balance downloads the transactions directly to your machine. We also store the token on our subscription server to allow syncing accounts between your devices, and so that we can sever Plaid’s connection if you cancel your subscription.

Balance is a closed-source application which we sell to cover the cost of data and development. Therefore, we cannot open source all the code for you to look through. However, we have been working on Plaidster, an open source library written in Swift for working with Plaid’s API. You can see the code here: