Monzo & LaMetric Time

Would love to see an app for Monzo that would display info from your account on the LaMetric Time…

It could show…

Balance (main accounts and individual pots)
Spend per category
Spend notifications
Committed this month
Target progress
Loads more

Could be the next Monzo Meter (on steroids)

I don’t think the Monzo API will talk nicely to the LaMetric API at the moment… can anyone see a way?

Maybe something for the next hackathon :grin:

Full review…


They should fire the actors who are way way way over reacting :laughing:

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One day I hope tech boffins will be able to miniaturise these things so we can wear them on our wrists. Then the next time Yahoo buys a startup everyone in the room won’t have to feign an obsequious nod.


Coming soon to a GitHub repo near you :wink:


:scream: :heart_eyes:

OMG! Looks wicked! :sunglasses:

Did you ever publish this or do I have a new weekend project? :grinning:

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Haven’t published it due to the lack of a public API as well as a blocker regarding security.

You basically have to act as a proxy to convert requests from the LaMetric device into requests to the Monzo API, and then back - exposing you to the account data which raises a lot of regulatory/compliance issues (you need to be registered as an AISP).

If you want to take on the challenge it’s quite easy on the technical side (I could send you the credentials of my LaMetric account where the app and logo and everything is set up) but good luck getting it approved and production ready…

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