Monzo Metal Card

I won’t be and note Monzo have given no information on the chances of winning one either so look forward to the comparisons of having a Plus account vs buying a premium bond/lottery ticket and seeing who is likely to be better off…

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I think it’s worrying that Monzo are going this route though to be honest, I wouldn’t be the slightest bit surprised if I see in future they stop this lottery.

(No, I won’t be swapping to the Supporter bundle).

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But that’s the thing. To me it sounds like it you’re a plus member you can buy one - then there will be a lottery for those few “lucky” winners so they won’t have to pay

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Metal cards are pointless and unnecessary so save your money or waste it on something else that’s equally useless like a year’s subscription to The Guardian.


I’d rather have a metal card, thanks for the offer though

I understand the situation there.

Speculation, but I can see this turning into a ‘we have limited supply because they’re hard to make’ kinda thing so first come first served unless you win one in the Monzo lottery which encourages people to sign up in case they’re in the lucky few.


Yea makes sense. We will see I suppose - plus will hopefully find out more on the event on Tuesday

Who’s watching the event?!

Anyone who signs up to all three of the new Plus bundles will be given a metal card as a limited time offer.

Make of that what you will.


Seems a lot of money a month to get a metal card early. Seems like they are looking at the “elite” bundles like Revolut Metal or Curve Metal, lets hope the price is competitive…

The investors are pulling the strings, everything is about £ now.


£25 for all three.

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They’ve also said that metal will be for users who ‘interact with Monzo in a certain way’ or ‘interact with certain bundles’.

So the option to just buy one as an add on is looking a lot less likely.

Yeah which seems expensive, Curve Metal is £15 a month a Revolut Metal is £12.99! Let’s hope these “elite” bundles are cheaper, but they didn’t go into much detail on those.

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Yeah I heard that, interested to see what they mean, I’d imagine if users move to the new bundles they have more of a chance of getting one potentially than users who cancel or stay on the current plus.

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WOW!! It’s just getting ridiculous now, it’s turning into a money making now in my opinion could be wrong if someone wants all three but fair play to them


I must have missed the moment where Plus was not intended to be a money making addition to the core offering


I get it was always going to make money, I just mean in terms of £25, I don’t know anymore for me am loosing faith now

Well, they were trialling the metal card at £70-90 as a one off fee so if that’s a true price you’d be getting a good “discount” on the benefits over the 6 month minimum term.

I wouldn’t do it, but…


That’s definitely one way of looking at it!